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  • EarthQuake In CHICO?

    I heard that there will be an earthquake in Chico , nobody knows when it will pass !

  • Why do a lot of tsunamis hit japan?

    I've been wondering , why Japan on a hot spot for tsunamis ? Is it even a hotspot or whatever just a lie ?

  • Why have there been so many natural disasters in the past few weeks?

    Are these facts purely random , or is there a reason behind them occur in a short period of time ?

  • What causes earthquakes?

    What is the cause of earthquakes ?

  • What is the Canadian region where hurricanes do not happen?

    Hello , I have to do a language course in Canada to improve my English and my French and I have to choose the region go. I have fear of hurricanes and tsunamis , so I can tell which is the region that do not occur ? or in which there are often ? Thanks , I love your country!

  • Earth Quake: Please respond fast?

    We felt a minor tremor of the earth , this is the first time I experienced something like that. The earthwork was 2-3 seconds, but was violent . Will there be an earthquake now? We live on the second floor of our house with four floors . Is it going to collapse if there is an earthquake ?

  • Whats the diffrence between a title wave and a tsunami?

    I need to know what the deffrence title is between a wave and a tsunami ?

  • In case of a tsunami, is it better to stay inside my car?

    I live on an island . I've been watching videos of the tsunami in Japan and saw that most of the cars that were swept away by the tsunami were floating . I wonder if it's safer to stay inside the car and let me take the car tsunami in and then wait for safe exit in case of no tall buildings around? Moreover, the time is at stake for a tsunami can be started after an earthquake ? How long do I have to find a safe place ? Thanks in advance!

  • Is the date may 21 2011 true?

    so I learned that the May 21 judgment day should by some earthquake to strike and destroy the world , blah blah blah . i just wana know if there is any evidence that shifting tectonic plates that can couse a kind of earthquake ?

  • Whats the safest place to be incase on a tsunami?

    I wonder what is the safest place in the world , aswell as in London which is the safest area ? To survive a tsunami aswell as an earthquake . Can an underground bunker to survive a megatsunami ?

  • I am in plainville indiana and felt the earth shake. was there a quake that hit approxamatley 545 am today?

    I'm in Plainville Indiana and felt the earth shake. there was an earthquake in 545 approxamatley am today ?

  • What Are These Rumblings?

    I've been hearing rumors around my area for most of the afternoon. He sent me a Facebook message asking if anyone knew what it was , and one person told me that he had heard the same noise and live 25 minutes from me. It was a strange noise (like I said , a rumor ) that sometimes shakes the house . I live in Virginia , and usually there are no earthquakes here, but this is a symptom . Indeed , this has happened before.

  • Any info on the earth wobble after the Tsunami?

    Shortly after the big Tsunami in Asia - Pacific , I heard a TV commentator ( think weather channel ) mention that the event was so powerful that the earth wobbled a little off its axis . Any site or additional information on this? I heard once but never again .

  • Was there a very small earth quake in parts of North Carolina today?

    I work at a small animal clinic outside Winston Salem NC . I am a veterinary assistant . Me and one of the physicians were in an exam room with a patient , and talking with a client , and suddenly , the room shook and vibrated , and we thought we were hearing things at first. The doctor left the room to see if anyone fell or dog rammed the door or something, but none of the other coworkers felt everything shake , was limited in that only one exam room . The weather was a bit cloudy , so maybe the thunder that shook , but could have been a light rumor ? Perhaps only a part of the building that is sensitive. But I remember last summer about an earthquake shook the entire state and in Virginia to Texas. This movement we feel that spent a brief second. I have not seen anything on the news or Facebook messages from people who feel nothing .

  • Can you give me interesting information on whirlpools?

    The links or images is appreciated, but not necessary. I have curious as to what you all share .

  • What should i do to protect myself during earth quake?

    What should I do to protect myself during an earthquake ?

  • Where can I learn to read ocean swells?

    I would like to learn more about the waves and how they form , from coast to coast worldwide . Not only how the moon affects the tides . I'd like to be able to understand forcasting , waves, and wind predictions .

  • How would you re word this to make it sound like a sophomore in highschool wrote it?

    Chile has been hit by twenty eight major earthquakes , all with a force greater than 6.9 on the Richter scale . The strongest of these occurred in 1906 ( registering an estimated 8.4 on the Richter scale ) and in 1960 (reaching 8.75) . This earthquake occurred last May 22 , a day after another major earthquake measuring 7.25 on the Richter scale , and covered a large section of south-central Chile. It caused a tsunami that decimated several fishing villages in the south and up and down the coast sections of up to two meters. The clash between the plates of the earth's surface has generated the Andes , a mountain range that geologically young , in Chilean territory alone, includes about 620 volcanoes , many of them active . Nearly sixty of them had erupted in the twentieth century by the 1990s . More than half of Chile 's surface is of volcanic origin .

  • Heyy wats up ?

    How can the energy of waves traveling through water affect a shoreline ? Imagine that there is a great bouldozer on teh edge of a shoreline . If the wave period is long 15s , how many times is the stone hit in a year ? Please show UR WORK How can severe storms over the ocean affect coastal erosion and depostion ? How could a promontory change in 250 years ? describe some of which may featurs of ! ! !