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  • Movesets for these pokemon..?

    I know a lot of people ask these questions , but I desperately need movesets for these pokemon . I will choose the best answer , no matter what, so if you are the only one 's comments with real movements , self get . All we need are better movesets absolute . :) Venusaur - Charizard - Muk - Raichu - Kangaskhan - Lapras -

  • Calling All Pokemon Team Building Experts!?

    I really, really , really need a very strong team . Only Pokemon Emerald and before! Please help ! Thank you ! PS I have all except legendary Ho -oh . Oh, and please indicate the movement sets if you can . 10 points for best answer!

  • Did the Creator of Pokemon die in the Tsunami or earthquake?

    Is the creator of Pokemon died in the tsunami or earthquake ?

  • Pokemon Emerald Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

    Need help in capturing latios and Regis ( Regirock mainly because I want the most ) . I already chose latios , now I need to know where I can catch it. i also need to know how to catch the record. ty!

  • Create my pokemon diamond team!!!?

    Ok , so I have all these big pokemon and witches do not know I put in a team , so Nees you to help me here ok so here are the pokemon available remember there all lvl 100 max stats - Lugia hydraulic pump fly sky attack aeroblast - Dragonite fly hyper beam thunder Dragon Rush - Gengar sucker punch dark pulse phycic night slash - Armaldo protect stone edge hyper beam earthquake - Salamence Fireblast hyper beam fly Dragon Rage - Weezing double whammy explosion Sludge pump destiney pump - Celebi magic leaf hyper beam leaf storm recover -mew aura sphere phycic metronome transform - Tyranitar dark pulse hyper beam stone edge earth earthquake - Venusaur Solar beam synthesis toxic earthquake - Blastoise hydraulic pump protect party skull quick turn - Charizard flamethrower overheating protect earthquake - Pikachu brick break iron tail volt tackle thunder Also I have an inexperienced and paklia deyoxis

  • Which is better xbox360 or ps3?

    which is better 360 or ps3 , its 2 months away from my birthday and I'm getting one. You may have one tell me which is better and why . this is all I know about each * 360 * has more games can burn the disc does not come with a fan from its cheaper Xbox Live has , I have no idea what is and what is * Ps3 * has less games his blue ray you can play free online is more expensive and that's all I know about each of the things you should know or that I got wrong and please tell me which is better, thanks a lot!

  • Rate my Fire Red team???

    - Venusaur lvl 60 - Solarbeam , Razor Leaf , Vine Whip , Earthquake Mewtwo - lvl 72 - Psychic, Shadow Ball , Recover , Swift - Zapdos lvl 63 - Thunder , Fly , Drill Peck , Aerial Ace - Nidoking lvl 59 - Earthquake, Megahorn , Strength and Rock Smash I want to replace with another movement - Vaporean lvl 64 Surf , Water Pulse, Aurora Beam Secret Power . - Dragonite lvl 60 - Ice Beam , Body Slam , Agility , Dragon Rage . This requires a new set of moves soplease help me here . - I also forming a Pupitar to evolve into Tyranitar so what shoulder moves taught me ? ? ? ? thnx a lot

  • A new Pokemon Team!?

    Ok guys, thanks for all the advice I have received from everyone, I assembled my new computer. Here is the new team , moving , and Nature. They are all that I want , however , so the team itself is still in

  • Star wars battlefront 2?

    What are some good xbox 360 or pc games that are like stars , Wars Battlefront 2?

  • Vista games?

    I know most of my games work but I can say that u know games work on vista and do not say any games playes barley view

  • Rate my pokemon platinum team?

    Today I decided I was going to play my game again pokemon platinum again and I found this team so please tell me what you think: Torterra Magmortar Togekiss Gastrodon Scizor Machamp That's my team I used to tell him what you think .

  • What is your perfect Pokemon Emerald team?

    Hiya all. I just finished my Pokemon Emerald pokedex and I wonder what my team now should be: P So for me to start , why do not you all teams list their ideals and their movesets ? This is expected to me on my way to a great team = [ ] Thanks in advance for all your help !

  • Help!?!?!?!?!!?

    well i reli not sound lame but the new club penguin mission on earth trembles , how do you get the propeller hat bigger because not let me take the one in the gift shop

  • Good 6th for my Pokemon team!?

    I want a special attacker or support pokemon . It is a mixed-level team . No ubers . My team so far is Metagross earthquake Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Houndoom Fire Card Sludge Bomb Machination dark pulse Aerodactyl Stealth Rock Taunt Rock Slide Steel wing Milotic recovering Toxic Ice Beam Surf Tyranitar Crunch Earth Quake Stone Edge avalanche

  • Is this a good pokemon White online competitive team?

    Team Emboar Hydreigon Milotic Metagross Scolipede Eelektross ......................................... moves Emboar move set Head Smash Flare Blitz Low Kick Heat Crash Hydreigon -Fly Crunch Draco Meteor Dragon Rush Scolipede - Iron Defense Venoshock Steam Roller Baton Pass Metagross - Psychic Earth Quake Arm Hammer Meteor Mash -Ice Beam Milotic Surf Hydro Pump Aqua Tail Eelektross - Grass Knot flamethrower Thunder Bolt Dragon Claw

  • Good pokemon team????????????? help?

    Would make a good team for me with these or other suggestions ? Spiritomb lvl 80 moves dark pulse , psychic wind , silver , Shadow Ball . Typhlosion LVL100 movements flamethrower , earthquake , eruption , protect. Gallade lvl 100 perforated drainage movements , Psycho cut , Limbo , with the stone edge . Gliscor lvl 70 moves earthquake , Thunder Fang , Ice Fang, Fire Fang . Yanmega lvl 70 moves Air Slash , Bug Buzz , U -Turn , double team . Electivire lvl 65 moves Thunder punch , punch fire , broken bricks , giga impact. Rayquaza lvl 100 ev trained indignation moves , surf , earthquake , shadow claw . Weavile lvl 62 moves avalanches , sweep , weak attack and ridicule . Gyarados lvl 62 moves aqua tail , Avalanche , bite , giga impact. Milotic lvl 74 moves surf , ice beam , mirror coat , aqua ring . Espeon lvl 71 moves psychic , shadow ball , quick attack , the signal beam . Shedinja sneak lvl 73 shadow moves , Shadow Ball , Confuse Ray , fury cutter . Umbreon lvl 62 moves Dark Pulse , Psychic , Confuse Ray , Double Team . Those are my pokemon are good and if your other suggestions for new legendary Pokémon is also useful . thank you

  • Rate my pokemon fire red team?

    Blastoise - Hydro cannon , skull bash , surf , ice beam Arcanine - Fire Blast , Flamethrower extreme speed , and Iron Tail Eletecbuzz - Thunder Punch , Thunder , Physics , Thunder bolt . Rhydon to earth quake, double edge and disassembly not know Rhydon step 4 sp attack if I had I would have chosen under ice beam or flamethrower . Any suggestions ? Nidoking -Trash , Mega Horn , Thunder Bolt, Flamethrower Suggestions and proposals for the sixth pokemon . Also it is legendary and not know if I should teach blastoise earthquake or Rhydon because I do not want to wait that long for more Rhydon Rhydon can not learn many good moves . And iron tail is a good move ? thanks

  • I cant choose a pokemon white party?

    I finiished pokemon black and have realized that my team is, well , **** . ATM I have a Samurott , Volcarona , Braviary , Elektross , and Haxorus Mienshao . Moreover, I would Samurott , Hydreigon , Vanilluxe , Ferrothorn , Golurk / Excadrill / Zoroark Conkelldur and . Should I restart the game or just swap the pokemon ? All opinions on my team (new or old ) would be greatly appreciated . (Besides , I have only one ds : ()