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  • Why do people say there is no God but the moment something bad happens in the world people blame God?

    I do not understand , so many people say there is no God , but then something like a tsunami or a war or something and not the fault of God or people want to know why God did not stop. I am an honest Christian and would like to know why people seem to contradict each other in this way. Obviously , not all, but many.

  • Sodom and Gomorrah really exists?

    or was something else that was submerged in the Dead Sea? As mentioned in the Bible , these cities are evil and was wounded at the right hand of God ? There are scientists and others (do not know the titles ) , said there has been some evidence there. Was it really true things of the Bible ? Or just assume he was injured because of some evil ? I guess it's only natural disasters by nature itself. And one thing that made ​​me feel that it was the woman fiction

  • Is this wrong?

    I think we are what we do ourselves. We are in the control and responsibility for our own actions . Not having a religion does not bother me . I believe in myself ....... I have faith in my car I believe in my family and friends ....... I have faith in my family and friends . I believe and I have faith in human nature and instinct ..... ... In an earthquake, fire, explosion , earth when you see people are quick to help each other do not stop to ask what religion are helping them because they are human brothers and sisters . In my opinion religion prevents integration and promotes separation. I am happy to be able to look at the person as a human being , not a follower of religion so what ever stereo typing them. I'm gonna live my life .......... I love my life ......... control my life ..... and be resonsible for her .. when I do bad I pay . ..... the only person I've wronged can forgive me ...... If they do not I'll have to live with it . Who agrees? ? ?

  • Can we settle once and for all what Paul did and did not do?

    Paul was a Jew , a Pharisee , who made his teaching and preaching in the synagogues wherever he went . He never taught the rejection of his people , the Jews . Near the end of his ministry recorded , stayed in Rome and said : "

  • Is God pleased when certain people die eg tsunami/ or earth quake victims[infants&adults]?

    Is God pleased when some people die for example , victims of the earthquake -tsunami / or land [ babies

  • Has there ever been a year on earth without a quake - DidGodDoIt?

    Matt 24:7 " For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom , and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another . 8 All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress ** This is what was published in a response as proof that the Bible is true . **

  • What is the best "comforting bible verse" you know?

    I know someone who is going through a very difficult time and wanted to send him some nice verses . Thanks for your help ! Ps . If possible please refrence ie Matthew , Genesis , etc

  • If God is real, how come all these natural disasters are happening?

    I am a Christian , but I am a little in doubt about God after all these hurricanes , tsunamis , floods , earthquakes , etc , etc If it is real , how come this is happening ?

  • Why is 6 considered an evil number?

    I heard by the Catholic Church , and is mentioned as an unlucky number . Is there any particular reason?

  • What is going on with all these earthquakes all of a sudden kind of makes me wonder about the end of the world?

    What's going on with all these earthquakes all kinds suddenly reminds me of the end of the world ?

  • Jehovah! When is God going to save us?

    Hello , I know it says in the Bible that no one knows the hour or the hour of his return to earth . But why , why the human race ceased to suffer this way . disease , poverty , crime , hatred , injustice , natural disasters such as earthquakes , people who lost there loved ones in floods and houses there. Why is it taking so long? I pray for people all the time and I'm sure a lot of other people do , so whhhhy .

  • What is the last good deed of that representant of God on earth, the pope?

    Did sure some schools , hospitals , or shelters for children in the third world to have a kind of home , with the money of that multimillion company , Vatican City , has to be an easy thing to do , being the representant of God on earth in physical form , money is very physical , and spent on good works , so when was the last time you watched this step ? I personally send kisses of his mouth , anyone can do that , shows good intentions, but good intentions do not feed the poor , not when they are in the form used by this

  • Can the dead speak to the living?

    Can the dead speak to the living?

  • Can you explain to me how God/Allah exists?

    Ok , so I am Muslim , but I do not mind all the information from the Bible , because they are similar in shape (no rude comments please) First, I need a bad explanation . I know all the stories of Muhammad ( pbuh) , Abraham , Adam and Eve, Noah , Moses , etc. However, for me , are stories . I found comments about God that made me think . comments like

  • So everyone is saying, the earth quake is just tectonic plates moving the jeremiah 10-10 a lie .?

    Now I know where the original land trembles . God himself .

  • Is Allah trying to send a message to the Islamic world with all his Islamic earthquakes?

    In the last few years alone, the vast majority of

  • If Jesus died on the cross for us were the people..?

    I understand that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins , but I'm wondering if the people who crucified him before he actually died forgiven even though they did what they did when they asked the Lord for forgiveness later?

  • Why does God allow horrific tragedies like the tsunami?

    I know some will say that death comes because of sin , but tsunamis , tornadoes , and bloody accidents do not happen all because of sin . Why did God allow this? I know he exists and is good . Atheists have no answers . Clearly it is God , and that he created us .

  • Is there any secular evidence of the walking dead in the bible?

  • Christians and Muslims, why are we having religious wars?

    As an atheist , why innocent believers not be affected by their beliefs dangerous ?