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  • 1Zenegra 50mg : Side effects, Price, Uses - Strapcart

    Buy zenegra 50mg Online contains an active ingredient Sildenafil which is FDA-approved medication used to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. After being introduced in 1998, Zenegra 50mg became the most popular treatment for erectile dysfunction issues.Zenegra 50mg is a fast-acting medication that can last up to four hours.

  • 2Duovir N Tablets : Price, Side Effects, Price in India, Composition, Substitutes - Strapcart

    Buy Duovir N Tablets Online are a combination of three drugs namely zidovudine, lamivudine and Nevirapine that are commonly used in the management of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. Zidovudine and lamivudine belong to the nucleoside analogue class of antiretroviral drugs hich act by terminating the growth of the DNA chain and inhibiting the reverse transcriptase (RT) of HIV.

  • 3Duovir-E Kit : Uses, Price, Side Effects, Warnings, USA - Strapcart

    Buy Duovir-E Kit Online is used in the treatment of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in adults. It contains three different anti-retroviral agents - lamivudine, zidovudine and efavirenz.

  • 4Vilitra 60mg : Review, Side effects, Price - Strapcart

    Buy Vilitra 60mg Online Vardenafil is the most potent and effective erectile dysfunction medication and works for almost all men. It has a fast action time and last up to 50% longer than Sildenafil. Vardenafil is more expensive to manufacture than sildenafil tablets but the price is easily justified by the excellent results.

  • 5Centrex 1000mg : Uses, Side effects, Reviews, Price - Strapcart

    Buy Centrex 1000mg Online is an antiviral prescription medication which is used to treat patients who are suffering from outbreaks of the herpes simplex virus, cold sores and shingles. This drug has been clinically proven to reduce the duration and the severity of outbreaks as well as limiting the occurrence of future outbreaks

  • 6Zhewitra 40mg : Reviews, Side effects, Price - Strapcart

    Buy Zhewitra 40mg Online Vardenafil is related closely to Sildenafil and Tadalafil. However, comparatively it has a short effective time and gives less instance to failure. People who have tried Zhewitra 40 mg have almost always pointed out that on the very first attempt Zhewitra 40 mg worked for them, unlike other erectile dysfunction drugs.

  • 7Vega 100mg : Uses, Price, Side Effects, Composition - Strapcart

    Buy Vega 100mg Online contains Sildenafil Citrate, the same as Viagra, and is manufactured by Signature Pharmaseuticals in India. Hence, Vega 100mg is also known as generic Viagra. Take this drug 45 to 60 minutes before. Once taken, do not take it again within 24 hours. Its effectiveness lasts 4 to 5 hours.

  • 8Abamune-L Tablets : Side Effects, Uses, Price in India - Strapcart

    Buy Abamune-L Tablets Online is used for Treatment of hiv-1 infection, Hiv infection, Hepatitis b virus infection and other conditions. Abamune L Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Abamune L Tablet contains Abacavir and Lamivudine as active ingredients. Abamune L Tablet works by inhibiting the activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase enzyme; increasing the number of infection fighting cells in the body.

  • 9Revolade 50mg : Price in Usa, Buy Online, Uses, Manufatcurer - Strapcart

    Buy Revolade 50mg online is indicated for chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) patients aged 1 year and above who are refractory to other treatments (e.g. corticosteroids, immunoglobulins).

  • 10Suninat 50mg : Generic India, Price, Introduction - Strapcart

    Buy Suninat 50mg Online is a cancer medicine that blocks the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the body. It is used to treat types of tumors of the kidney, pancreas and digestive system. Ensure to notify your doctor if you experience any side effect on using this medication.

  • 11Soranib 200mg : Price, Side Effect, Uses - Strapcart

    Buy Soranib 200mg Online We deal in Soranib tablets which contains sorafenib, which is a small molecular inhibitor of several tyrosine protein kinases.Soranib is used for the treatment of primary kidney cancer (advanced renal cell carcinoma) and advanced primary liver cancer. Soranib (sorafenib 200mg) is a cancer (chemotherapeutic) medication.

  • 12Revolade 25mg : Price in Usa, Side Effect, Indication, Generic name - Strapcart

    Buy Revolade 25mg Online is indicated for chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) patients aged 1 year and above who are refractory to other treatments (e.g. corticosteroids, immunoglobulins).