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Pokemon team is it strong? related questions

  • 1Pokemon team is it strong?

    Card Infernape Lv 100 burn grass knot , mach punch , close combat . Judgment lv 100 arceus , perish song recover draco meteor lv 100 torrtera crises synthesis earthquake ground sheet storm Wailord lv 100 hydro pump , blizzard , hyper beam gutter water Swampert lv 100 blizzard , earthquake surf , waterfall Salamence lv 100 break brick , fire explosion , hyper beam , dragon claw

  • 2In pokemon crystal what is the strongest (not legendary) pokemon in the game. and what attacks makes it strong

    also what is the strongest legendary pokemon Also, how I can get to Pewter City without fighting the elite 4? ? ? or I have to beat them first

  • 3What do you think of the Pokemon team? / Do you have a good team to show off? (Diamond and pearl) ?

    Male and female Rhyperior Pigoet . Rhyperior capacity lightning rod , berry passho element , moves stine edge , earthquake , mega horn , and rock crushing . Capacity Pigeot piercing eyes , dust brilliant article moves whirlwind , wind henhouse , cola and flyers . The only weakness water attacks . My passho berry helps a little . ( Both are lv . 100)

  • 4Rate my pokemon team for pokemon diamond?

    Could you please help me with my pokemon team ? are Heatran lv 100 Iron Head ancient power Magma Storm Heat Wave Giratina lv 100 Shadow Claw Shadow Force Dragon Claw Draco Meteor Kingdra lv 100 Twister Hydro Pump Bubble Beam Dragon Pulse Arceus lv 100 - Draco Meteor judgment Earth Power recovering Torterra lv 100- Protect Giga Drain Earth Quake Leaf Storm Scizor lv 100 Iron Head Giga Impact X - Scissor Sword Dance I have an AR so you can get event pokemon ... thx for helping!

  • 5What Pokemon are in your team on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?

    I love my team . It's really awesome . I just wanna know everyones team ' . My team is ... LVL 100 Dragonite Riachu LVL 100 Alakazam LVL 100 Milotic LVL 100 Leafeon LVL 100 Flareon LVL 100

  • 6Is this a good pokemon team in pokemon diamond?

    pikachu lvl 100 moves are flamethrower ray waves and limbo lvl 100 moves are flamethrower fire blast explosion charazard burning and fly lvl 100 Infernape movements called mach punch explosion fire wheel and something I forgot mew2 movements are lvl 100 shadow ball aura sphere psyche n or earthquake or recover those are the ones I worry

  • 7Please RATE my pokemon!!!!(not much of a team though i had a better team...)?

    1) lv 77 Empoleon Rock climbing Drill kiss Hydro cannon blizzard 2) Torterra lv 44 ( training ) cut Razor blade earth earthquake synthesis 3) Infernape lv 40 ( training ) Mach punch Flame wheel Fire explosion melee 4) Lv 26 Riolu ( training ) Fast Attack Rock Smash reversal Force Palm 5) Dewgong lv 53 Surf Dive Water fall Ice beam 6) Lv 56 Fearow Fly Defog Roost Drill kiss and that's all I'm looking for some friends ! Ty for ur rating !

  • 8My Pokemon Team ! Please help :[?

    I have a Graveler - Lv . 39, knows Magnitude Earth Quake , Rock Climb , Strength Staraptor - Lv . 42; Knows Aerial Ace , Endeavor , Fly , Close Combat Infernape - Lv . 46; Knows melee , Mach Punch , Rock Smash , Flame Wheel Empoleon - Lv . 43; Knows Surf , Metal Claw , brine , Aqua Jet Luxray - Lv . 47; Knows Thunder Fang , Bite , Crunch , Spark Tropius - Lv . 37; Knows Rock Smash , Defog , Cut , Magical Leaf I want to replace Infernape smash the rock with a fire type move , but do not know which . Empoleon Ice Beam learn as you find it, but move should replace it? Suggestions

  • 9A new Pokemon Team!?

    Ok guys, thanks for all the advice I have received from everyone, I assembled my new computer. Here is the new team , moving , and Nature. They are all that I want , however , so the team itself is still in

  • 10Help on a new pokemon team?

    Lol I completely scrapped my old computer , and I will make a new one . I decided on some of the pokes I'll get , but I'm not sure about others, here's what I have so far ( or want ) also need items! Metagross Adamant - Physics - sweeper Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt brick break Earth Quake Tentacruel -Calm - Spiker , Hazer , special wall Picos Toxic Haze navigate Sludge pump Toge kiss -special sweeper , modest - Machination Slash air Shadow Ball Water pulse Ninjask - Jolly - baton passer swords dance agility baton pass (obviously ) X scissors and well worth it , any suggestions will be helpful.

  • 11Pokemon Team?

    how good my team iz my computer is Garchomp brick break Dragon Rush earthquake sword dance Dusknoir Fire Punch Ice Punch attached shadow trick room Milotic mirror coat Dragon pulse navigate Ice beam Tyranitar stone edge crunch earth earthquake rock steakth lucario shadow ball psyicic aura sphere Dragon pulse gardiovor energy ball will-o - wisp ray focus blast plz rate of 10

  • 12Tell me your pokemon team...?

    ok I want you to tell me your team pokemon (real ) so that I can improve my team .... so the one I like is to get 10 points