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The Wonga claim can be useful for me? related questions

  • 1The Wonga claim can be useful for me?

    The Wonga claim can be useful for me?  

  • 2Why do Christians always claim Jesus fulfilled the prophecies?

    READ THE ARGUMENT any comment or go elsewhere . He did no such thing ! It was a great warrior . He took no army . Not reconcile all nations , and unite all nations under God . The prophecies never said anything about him having a second coming to do all those things . They were supposed to happen during the life of the Messiah . Why are you so sure? How can you trust your instincts about the Word of God in the Old Testament ? How can you be so sure that Matthew , Luke, John and Paul were those who said they were , and saw what they say they saw? These are just some of the prophecies that he did not comply . I realize there are some who did comply , but since when is

  • 3An insurer provides earth quake insurance to a manufacturer. Given that a claim is filed, let X represent the

    An earth quake insurance provides insurance to a manufacturer . Given that a claim is filed , Let x be the total amount of the claim and Y represent the part of the claim arising out of damage to manufacturers build. The joint density of X and Y is given by : f ( x , y) = [ 1/10x for x 1