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    Can you tell me please, more info about auto title loans?  

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    Tell me please what is car title loans? 

  • 3Why pay day loans can be useful for me?

    Why pay day loans can be useful for me?  

  • 4Payday Loans

    What is a payday loan? 

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    Need information about fast loans!


    My story is about a girl named Jezebel who was killed in the psychiatric hospital he was staying in the hospital because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia , but she really did not have schizophrenia she just had a very strong sixth sense could see vampires could hear them going to talk to her and touch her knew she knew his plans would fight humans and they were real tired to tell people , but they said it was not heard besides being schizophrenia and when it happened after she was killed was too late she was killed by her own father who abused her physically Years later , an earthquake occurs and a angel falls from heaven and earth has changed both his Jezebel vampires rule the earth and humans fight for their lives . Jezebel joins a group of human beings who are in hiding and help them fight the vampires that stand in thier way as are the rare crystal glass are rare when they need to destroy it , because if it is destroyed vampires go along with it

  • 7Title ideas for my story?

    My story is about a group of surfers theres two schools and both are the best schools for the sport of surfing are competitors in all One day , an earthquake hit one and his disciples had to move to another school . what happens to the surf team , who will be the captain have to work out love and romance included and that's all I can say . please and thank you .

  • 8What is the title of the third Vampirates book?

    I've read Demons and Tidal Sea of Terror , but what is the title of the third book ? I heard that is either deep or Dead Captain Blood , but both may be incorrect .

  • 9What was the title given to earthquake and volcano?

    research of famous volcanoes and earthquakes

  • 10Whats the diffrence between a title wave and a tsunami?

    I need to know what the deffrence title is between a wave and a tsunami ?

  • 11What is the job title of an emergency disaster relief respondent?

    I met a guy a while back whose job was to wait for the search to go, and when he did was to get on the next plane to wherever the disaster had happened - as the Indonesian tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti . I never got to ask him how he got to that position or what it was called . What do you know about it?

  • 12What exactly is the secret of the machines as stated by the title of this poem?

    The secret of the USDA Agricultural Research Machines (Modern equipment) We were taken to bed and mine ore, We were melted in the furnace and the pit - We cast and wrought and hammered to design, We were cut and filed and tooled and calibrated to measure. Some water, coal and oil is all we ask, And a thousandth of an inch to give us play: And now, if we will make our task, We will serve four twenty hours a day We can pull and pull and push and lift and drive, We can print and plow and weave, heat and light, We run and run and swim and fly and dive, We can see, hear and count, read and write! Would you call a friend of the average worldwide? If they let us have your name and city and state, You should see and hear your crackling question hurled Across the arch of heaven while you wait. Have you answered? Do you need your hand - You can start tonight if you want And take the Western Ocean in step Seventy thousand horses and some screws! The boat-express is waiting your command! You will find the Mauretania in the spring, Until your captain turns the lever neath 'hand And the city will cover nine monstrouos the sea. Want to make your head bare mountains And put your newly cut forests at your feet? Want to turn a river in its bed, Or plant a barren wilderness with wheat? Are we pipe aloft and bring you water down Of tanks infallible Snow, To work the mills and tramways in your town, And irrigate their orchards as it flows? It's easy! Give us dynamite and drills! Watch the iron-shouldered rocks lie down and quake, As the thirsty desert-level floods and fills And we valley becomes a dammed lake . But remember, please, the Law by which we live, We are not made to understand a lie, We can not love or mercy or forgiveness. If you make a slip in handling us you die! We are bigger than the people or the Kings - Be humble, as crawling beneath our rods! - Our touch can alter all created things, We are all on earth - except Gods! Though our smoke may hide the sky from his eyes, It will vanish and the stars shine more, Because, for all our power and weight and size, We are nothing more than children of your brain! -Rudyard Kipling This is urgent and help would be greatly appreciated! : D