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Who know good english voiceovers? related questions

  • 1Who know good english voiceovers?

    Who know good english voiceovers?

  • 2Please translate japanese to english and english to japanese?

    - Hare - Aki - It's snowing . - The wind is blowing . - Jishin - The school is not cool . - I have no dream. - Kyou no desu ka wa dou tenki ? - Donna tenki ga suki desu ka ? Kirai - tenki wa arimasu ka na ?

  • 3translate this to english

    mama tenki desu

  • 4English Grammar Help!?

    Q1 . Residents in this respect the creation of goods ______ ( shook , shake, shake, shake ) yesterday afternoon . Q2. As soon as Mrs Teo left the classroom ______ ( and therefore when) students began to make noise . Thanks for your help !

  • 5Anyone Can Help Me Solve the following English Comprehension?

    ( 9) With time and as the battle between virus writers and virus hunters advanced, the game grew nastier until August 1 , the virus swept through cyberspace like a tsunami . Companies around the world staggered under the weight of mail , many systems crashed for hours at a time. However, home users were most affected . In paragraph 9: 1. ' Leveled ' the virus through cyberspace " like a tsunami " . What is suggested by this description of the virus?

  • 6English Diary - please fix my sentences?

    I would appreciate if you capitalize the words that you post . There were earthquakes in the northeast (north east ) days to Japan a few dew. Above all , followed by a huge tsunami earthquakes . I heard the news that a number of missing persons . ( I heard that some people were missing and I learned that there are a number of missing persons ) is more than 8000 people . However, it turned out that the number indicated . I watched the news showing cars and homes in the water flowing by the tsunami . The freight wagons were drawn up by mud and water that was caused by the tsunami . There were people in the car ! I was confused if I was watching the news or watching a movie . I also heard that a building collapsed in a nuclear plant ( destroyed ) causing residents near the plant exploded radiation. This is very dangerous . Therefore, the government told the people to stay in their homes by the government can make sure everything is okay . Another story was a hotel near the coast collapsed and people were not able to escape the building . I feel bad for the people who lost loved ones and who have lost their homes . The earthquake was even bigger than the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2008 . I wish the situation would be resolved soon . I also hope that no more disasters worldwide .

  • 7Can you correct this short story I wrote in English?

    IF YOU CAN MAKE CORRECTIONS IN CAPS, so I SEE ... I would use the correct terms in English, so please correct it for me:. D IF YOU WANT ME A COMMENT ABOUT DA HISTORY TOO (whether you appreciate it or not) He was bound, had a look of anger while ice chips fell. Fenrir, that was the way it used to be called the fen-dweller, reached down and tried to shake around. Hatred was surrounded was like a bomb, and that bomb will harm a human being in his deepest self. But in reality there were no people here. Týr caught him, he was now a little under control pawn gods. Abandoned by all, wanted revenge for making and thinking and thinking followed. Then he yelled, and his howls were terrible. He tried to break the chain, just did not know. He ignored it would go on until the end of the world. He ignored during Ragnarök only be broken chain let it go and fight Odin, father of gods. Again, ignored him, even though that day is getting closer and closer, coming to make history indelibly. [...] Three long years passed, and the years have been characterized by cold winters. The earth shook, actually earthquakes hit everywhere and no one could survive. But he, the wolf, still tied up. He had a look of anger while ice chips fell. Everywhere there was just nothing but disorder and chaos. Evil spirits were around in those frozen lands and threatened to blow the cold fire in the soul of one who has in his way. Fenrir stood up, and suddenly felt the silence. He saw the clouds, it was black as the hated felt about the gods, those gods that bound him to cheat. Silence and heard chants faded heathen. Hadas, Valkyries, night elves sang in tongues. They sang of God's Son, who avenge his father died in a fight. This son would win against evil. But Fenrir did not understand, he was as dull compared to these prophecies. [...] The war in the air, the peace did not exist in the bygone era. Fenrir was living in anguish. One morning, the sun rose that night the moon and the stars disappeared. In the darkness came the storm, floods destroyed what was back on earth, but his chain Fenrir and did not have to deal with them. Suddenly, he heard terrible screams, saw coming toward him a ray. He was raised, his chain broke. She felt free. He fled. [...] He sojourned for several hours while the acid rain dropped muddy. He reached the great plain. There he saw the look of Odin who was looking up and down full of himself. When the father of the gods "laughed and mocked Fenrir, the wolf opened its mouth and grew taller. Their ears touched the sky, chin touched the ground. Odin said," You're going to pay for it they did on earth, may be the way you want to be. "But the father of gods was so full of himself, so sure of success that he did not realize jaws of a wolf. dribble Some of them got weird and was Odin, who was paralyzed before stop talking. way Fenrir snatched and devoured. Odin, the father of the gods', died so miserably. Even I have time to fight. A major disaster, a great pity, a outrage, an affront to the mind of the gods', a great disbelief on earth nearly destroyed. [...] He was happy and fled but Vidar, son of Odin, the father of the gods', found it. And Vidar was really angry, while Fenrir was foolish, because it was written: "Foolish is he who is sure to win, silly is that despiseth, fool is the one that feels better than others." But Vidar knew virtue in the battlefield and that could prove to be an outstanding warrior. He learned to revenge, could kill an evil, understood what love really is. Killed hit in the abdomen. And he, the wolf's body splat Odin, father of VIDAR. He threw them, and his son fell down before them. Collected and then went to sea, where dispersed. He prayed, some tears fell. They were tears crystal. Then he got up, put his sword on the cover and back. A ray of light shines in the darkness, and hope reborn on earth.

  • 8Whats the crime rate in honloulou is it friendly to many english citizens?

    Honloulou also gay friendly city and is prone to freak holoulou weather like hurricanes , earthquakes , tsunamis , etc. generally what I'm trying to say is what life is like in honloulou !

  • 9What is the name of that English movie? I saw that movie during a flight journey between 1996-2003. Details...?

    The story goes like this : A couple with a young child trapped underground for something like an earthquake . The couple believes the world has ended and they are the only survivors . Some . How are light and have enough food to survive for many years They give all the education of your child and the child becomes an adult . Suddenly , the earth that opens the way for them to leave. The son goes out and finds that the world is running normal, but with many changes they had never imagined . How to adapt to modern society and earn a living is the rest of the story . The son happen to meet a beautiful girl too. Also found that the images of characters that had saved baseball before the land sank can get a lot of money now . I liked that movie a lot. I want to see her again . But I do not know the name of that movie . please help me.

  • 10What are the English lyrics to the nasheed "Mountains of Makkah"?

    What are the English lyrics to the nasheed

  • 11Anyone know a good beach with good tidepools in the LA or OC area?

    My family and I have been waiting to go to the beach . We've been waiting to explore some good pools , and nice ocean wildlife . Anyone know any good beaches that offer this.

  • 12Is this poem good????

    But you Ol 'Broken Clock By: Adam M. Snow Will tomorrow Whether it's sadness, With? Ira, famine and floods But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Echo crying, the child in the future. Begged the world flutter endless With his tongue uttered living words, But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, Cadence, the babe wept. Rarely wet times wrought Bloodshed Natures filled. Ye O 'heartbroken World scold as time went, Down the River Styx. But ye old broken clock, Sound of silence, or ticking, In spite lonely orphan. The silence imposed on the lips of relatives, Betrayal sought worldly sin. Day to end up like time stopped, The laughter of a child left to kill. But ye old broken clock, Nor tick tock, No cure for a bad boy. Model of the world wars inside, Lost all just a sin. The broken clock, Once marked, tac, Frozen in a single time. The long and the short is in the midnight hour, Darkness surrounds the land devour. Place the pain, the child or tears', Swept soon seduced land. But ye old broken clock, Silent Sound, or tick or tock. Quake camps USDA Agricultural Research bloodshed stain. The world erupting in the dark yet, A sick child sick timely manner. Understanding wars alike Blood-soaked earth dam Tear of a child to clean the sea, The child may be sought curse. O Ye broken clock ', Counting down tick and tock, Eradication of worldly existence. Always on time darkness stopped, Vence with them the daily slaughter, A laughing boy ending first, When the light fades, ends all time.