Earth Questions

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  • 1Need information about fast loans!

    Need information about fast loans!

  • 2I was going, but she was fast machine.....?

    I was going , but was quick machine ..... ?

  • 3Movie naming help please respond fast?

    ok there is a movie where a lot of people on a cruise ship out cruse in the middle of the ocean . cunning in the bowl there is an earthquake and then there is a wall of water that turns the pot upside down and then people have to try out what movie is ? ? ? is like in the movie 2012 , where the father is black guys ont the vessel and deployed as an exception in this town Live Movie

  • 4Earth Quake: Please respond fast?

    We felt a minor tremor of the earth , this is the first time I experienced something like that. The earthwork was 2-3 seconds, but was violent . Will there be an earthquake now? We live on the second floor of our house with four floors . Is it going to collapse if there is an earthquake ?

  • 5How fast do tsunamis travel on average?

    I want to know how long it would take for a tsunami to travel from Alaska to Washington .

  • 6Need to find varicose veins natural treatments that work fast!

    Need to find varicose veins natural treatments that work fast!

  • 7How far and how fast does an earthquake of 7.9 richter scale travel through a relatively dense medium?

    How far and how fast does an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale travels through a relatively dense? Is there a difference in the speed and distance of continental and oceanic crust ? I would appreciate a series of numbers and backup sources if possible. Thank you !

  • 8Where does earth quake liikely happen? pls answer this question fast pls cuz am in school answering it.?

    where form why are the questions that exist about earthquake. and yes the most recent earthquake with its consequence

  • 9HAARP dismissed so fast for earth quake. With no evidence. Ever read of Tesla readings on it?

    Renaissance is all that is needed to make an earthquake fault line already . HAARP can produce ELF waves that can find anything oil bunkers . Hey your mind works in ELF extremely low frequency waves . Do not write off the madness , so it was Tesla , but if not for him no A / C power and communications world wide ..... JP Morgan could not free meters so scraped Tesla coil in Long Island , said it could be a world power wireless free. Do you think our government cares about the peasants . Only enlightened know who they are . I bet you say trash with triangular pyramids as avatars NWO

  • 10How do i beat elite four for pokemon diamond and how do i levelup fast wthout cheats or rare candies?

    can someone please help me? My current pokemon elite four is Torterra lvl 65 knows strength, rock breaking , rock climbing and cut so I can not change any of their movements with sadness . Magmortar lvl 50 knows flamethrower , physchic , hyper beam , solar beam . Floatzel lvl 40 knows Aqua Jet , crunch, surf , and waterfall. Electivire lvl 50 ThunderPunch knows ice punch, cross chop and earthquake. Steelix lvl 46 dragon breath knows , Iron Tail , crunch and dark pulse and dialga lvl 52 knows metal claw, AncientPower , dragon claw and roar of time Also can anyone tell me a quick way to level up my pokemon wityhout sweet rare birds or traps or without fighting pokemon ( if you can , of course )

  • 11Why Tsunami waves travel so fast compare to normal waves?

    I understand of that waves against the tsunamis travel to the speed of a jet . Why the them travel so fast? Las waves of Other actions at sea not is of traveling that fast . What do are the factors of that determine the wave velocity ?

  • 12Information about 2012?

    idk right can not happen but I heard a lot of storiess , but what is it exactly and what is the possibility that happending ?