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Q1 . Residents in this respect the creation of goods ______ ( shook , shake, shake, shake ) yesterday afternoon .
Q2. As soon as Mrs Teo left the classroom ______ ( and therefore when) students began to make noise .

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#1alecAnswered at 2013-08-16 13:09:31
q1= shaking [because shaking is relevant to "the residents" "felt the building" not..shook, not shakes, not shaken, but shaking.. yesterday afternoon.

shakes would account for example... the earthquake caused "shakes" all through out los angeles yesterday morning.

or.. the whole building what "shaken" by a huge earth quake yesterday.

or the building "shook" for 10 seconds after the 1st earthquake yesterday.

q2. No sooner had Mrs Teo left the classroom "When" the pupils began to make noise.

Not "and" because and is not relevant to the situation, mrs teo left the classroom and the pupils began to make noise..

that doesnt explaine anything.

and so on...

its called the process of elimination, read the sentence using all 4 words, obviously 2 of 4 are completely out of context and the other 1 is either correct or simular, that should make it easier
#2IvaAnswered at 2013-09-08 13:58:36
#3MuniraAnswered at 2013-11-10 17:09:47
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