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What state in the US would most likely work for us? related questions

  • 1What state in the US would most likely work for us?

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a new place to live . He enjoys warm summers and cold winters love . But I also like a place that is highly threatened by tornadoes or hurricanes . ( I 'm kind of a coward when it comes to these things . ) Earthquakes are no problems what so ever. The latter is not California . I hate this state . ( I've lived here all my life and I want out )

  • 2What state it the very best city/state to move to?

    It must fit these criteria . - Well agriculture - Mild summers - Snow in the winter - Good education - Not Religious - In the United States - Not a lot of natural disasters (floods no, little or no tornadoes , no volcanoes , no hurricanes ) - Lots of activities for children and adults I know of no state / city fits the exact criteria , but which one is closer ? Thanks for the replies . PS : No Texas!

  • 3Were is the best state to live?

    good not like tornadoes , hurricanes ... and that's it . I've been through all these more than four times in my life and I have 13 years of age. I mean I just want a place where you will not spend much torandos ... but I like the snow and the sun .. lol ...

  • 4What state do you live in?

    and what is his ? I live in California Thank you.

  • 5Washington State? Help. (Thank you!)?

    What is the state of Washington like? Is it nice ? Is it safe ? I heared that Washington state is supposed to be hit by a massive earthquake . That will / should register a 9.0 on the Rictor scale . Do not have a volcano ? I have fear of that. So please help me . Help to clarify everything . It is also better to live in Ohio . Thanks I will choose the best answer !

  • 6Can new york state ever have a tsunami?

    New York State can ever a tsunami that I mean that it is impossible or is Hm Soo Answers opinions anyone any facts ?

  • 7I want to know what the perfect state for me to live in is...?

    making it possible to have a website that tells me about all fifty states and all over them ?

  • 8Can any present state decline?

    Like the Aztecs or the Mayans diclined , can the U.S. or any other country dicline this ?

  • 9How earthquakes work?

    How do earthquakes ?

  • 10Does anyone work in a rainforest?

    I am very interested in working in a rain forest or a forest ecologist . Tell me about your work and what you studied in college .

  • 11How do the tides work?

    Could someone please explain how the effect of the sun and moon tides of the seas , and the tide coming in or out

  • 12What are the odds of an earthquake in Washington state?

    The Japanese earthquake was a 9.0 and moved to the island of Japan itself 6 feet to said axis of the earth have been moved to 6 cm . What are the chances that the state of Washington with a major earthquake ? I've heard a lot about how to be a great one ... Is this true ?