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QTenants rights vs. heath &safety code violations in california?

Tenants rights against Heath

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#1SeymourAnswered at 2013-01-12 00:27:46
What about him?
#2DMCAnswered at 2013-07-22 21:09:24
Since you're not specific here are links that affect your statement
Code for Real Estate. Or California Civil Code:…
All real estate laws explained:
California building codes:
Disclosures required explained:
Small claim court information:…
Legal Aid by Counties:
Earth Quake zone disclosures:…
California Civil code - CONTRACTS – Sections 1619 – 1632:
HUD – Tenant rights in California:…
Pamphlet from the State of California on Landlords and Tenants:…
Private Attorney’s Website on Tenant/Landlord issues:
Home owner and renter assistance programs:…
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Tenants rights vs. heath &safety code violations in california?

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