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QHAARP dismissed so fast for earth quake. With no evidence. Ever read of Tesla readings on it?

Renaissance is all that is needed to make an earthquake fault line already . HAARP can produce ELF waves that can find anything oil bunkers . Hey your mind works in ELF extremely low frequency waves . Do not write off the madness , so it was Tesla , but if not for him no A / C power and communications world wide ..... JP Morgan could not free meters so scraped Tesla coil in Long Island , said it could be a world power wireless free. Do you think our government cares about the peasants . Only enlightened know who they are . I bet you say trash with triangular pyramids as avatars NWO

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#1BraydenAnswered at 2013-03-03 17:52:31
Sorry mate , the earth quakes [ major in any way that ] are caused by tectonic plate movements . They occur when the plates meet and move . Part of the way the surface of the planet works . At best [ worst ] human intervention can trigger an earthquake before it could happen , but we do not have the technology to control the levels of energy released in a large earthquake . [ As far as I know he has more hands deliberate intervention to influence reality when an earthquake will happen . I have read credible reports of minor tremors caused by large explosions in the fault lines , the construction of large hydroelectric dams high in the fault lines and high pressure deep crevices of rocks in geothermal trials in unstable geology . But in each case , the trigger was considerable and the small earthquake ] regarding
#2kaseeAnswered at 2013-03-10 07:07:54
Its a goat . Tesla did not experiment with something close to the technology to create earthquakes , he was only the father of alternating current , the energy stored and display systems , such as Jacob's ladders , tesla coil , etc As for HAARP , has been complaining about that for years , but have yet to really link to anything . ELF waves or not , are but a fantasy farm controlled military antenna , plain and simple. But of whacko do not overlook their absurd notions and assumptions . While I was in the army let fools think he wanted about places I've been too ....... there was no interest by the military to inform the public or mislead them. Its amazing what the human mind can create from nothing or coincidence in a pathetic attempt to justify, understand or blame any occurrence that they do not like . The electromagnetic wave transmissions are made every day in many different frequencies , usually to the tune of microwatts per radio. How much energy do you think HAARP can generate without a nuclear reactor at the site and these small gauge wires in the antenna farm of thiers ? Their assumptions and theories lack credibility only from the point of view of energy consumption and sizes of transmission lines only. You realize that if I ever became known that the government actually did something heiness BS as conspiracy theorists have accused them of shit , American patriots and citizens are tearing down fences and hanging in charge and responsible for the tree high , right ?
#3OsmonAnswered at 2013-03-29 12:44:07
#4SimaAnswered at 2013-06-23 06:49:26
Go Jim
I thought this was interesting…
HAARP is a very sensitive topic in this section If people get to into explaining how HAARP works Q&A's get deleted. Also I don't know if you have looked into RECTENNA and Power Beaming Now with new nanotube technology and solid-state replacing the magnetron I bet they can suck power out of the atmosphere and generate as much power as they want that's why when you see a aerial photo of the site you see no power supply IT truly is a modern day Tesla coil except they get the energy in the infrared spectrum ( microwaves) Also look into radio waves and how they are made This is reacting to co2 as well as water vapor And this goes on 24/7 and the planet doesn't get to rest of a night The only radiation at night should be Black-body but our Com's and detecting doesn't stop google White Alice and what the military is in to blows your mind not to many regulations when it comes to war anyway enough from me there's heaps of stuff about HAARP in my profile if you want CHEER's
#5JackSAnswered at 2013-08-09 06:58:58
I think you mean resonance, not "renaissance". And the energy released by this earthquake was greater than 80 years of current global energy use, so the idea that a tiny little device like HAARP could be responsible is like saying a toy firecracker created the Panama Canal.

Your uneducated conspiracy theorist rants make it very obvious that you have never taken an advanced science class in your entire life. Instead of reading blogs, try learning core sciences. And keep your paranoid garbage to yourself. You lack the knowledge and intelligence to share your opinion with the world. The fact that you are legally allowed to do so does not make it right.
#6GarnettAnswered at 2013-08-26 12:29:17

Chalk up another one to AGW induced histeria!
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HAARP dismissed so fast for earth quake. With no evidence. Ever read of Tesla readings on it?

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