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  • 1Whats the name of this book?

    I do not remember the name ( but I love this book - my teacher used to read me - ) , but I know that basically it is this: a family go on vacation to a ( Island? ) mom and dad go to a buisness meeting all day in a boat at sea. While mom and dad are going , an older brother in charge of his only sister. Theres an earthquake , The earthquake caused a fire hotel. The earthquake causes a tsunami scare . children climbing a big hill where there are an older couple ( who have a poodle ) say that every time there is a tsunami scare a walk by and see from above the top until it is safe . large tsunami . Brother and sister are separated , perhaps - A second wave hits . the elderly couple are swept past the poodle. The brothers meet , if they really separates - trying to find the parents , but to find the older man and he tells them that his wife dies and can keep the dog . and I forgot the rest ... PLLLEEEAASSSEEE CAN help me? ? ?

  • 2Whats the book wormwood about?

    by gp taylor tell me a summary of the great book all right , all right but not the book to get an idea about what

  • 3WHY NOT The Holy Quran (the book of guidance)IS best book of the world?

    WHY NOT The Holy Quran ( the book of guidance ) is the best book in the world ?

  • 4Im very confused about whats going to happen December 21, 2012. can somebody tell me whats going to happen?

    Do not say anything , because I know that will happen many

  • 5Help i need the name of this book?

    Rather, the book is a striking Metor which pushes the very vlose Moon to Earth , that earthquakes and sumanis trigers and blizards , the girl and her family go out for food , while still can ( oh if power is out ) make it through the winter with food , because a friend of the family dies and take the rest of your meal , then nier late winter , having food or more and the girl starts the two city Abanded 2 find food, which in turn meets the mayor and gives your family meal . plz tell me the name of this book ! thank you!

  • 6FOR those who believe in the book of revelation?

    There , do you think things are going as the book says ? I mean in the last days , people look at the world against people , nation against nation , wars , famine , disasters like never before, you know what struck me my country has never had a natural disaster only a time and was for a dam collapsed suddenly but recently an earthquake shook us if u think we are at the end of the day u know.

  • 7How can anyone believe a book with so many errors?

    Isaiah 11:12 - . FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH Science - must be a rectangle or a square has four corners of the Earth , ie Flat Revelation 07:01 - angels standing on FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH ( RV ) Science - must be a rectangle or a square has four corners of the Earth , ie Flat Job 38:13 - from EARTH Science - the earth is implied to be flat ie it had ends but sphere can have no ends Jeremiah 16:19 - ENDS OF THE EARTH Science - the earth is implied to be flat ie it had ends but sphere can have no ends Daniel 4:11 - ENDS OF THE EARTH : Science - the earth is implied to be flat ie it had ends but sphere can have no ends Daniel 4:10-11 - The king

  • 8How can I start this book?

    I am writing this new novel of supernatural fiction science fiction theme . I'm trying to find a way to get it going . This is the main plot . I put little stars where I need help. Xavier lives in Christchurch until the success of the massive earth quake and sent to another country * ( which country ? ) And during a school lesson , a teacher put on your skin frustrating and next thing he knows , he is almost Mr. strangled * ( what is a good teacher name) with vines growing much in the five seconds that Xavier was upset . He then went on and find out you have the ability to control the land and forests . He is afraid until he meets a mysterious man named Alex who tries to sleep Lul . But as his eyes drift closed Xaviers he is awakened by a voice in his head telling him to wake up. Ends cheeky meeting Tristan is able to read and speak in the heads of the messages of others and discover all their weaknesses and desires . Tristan explains that Alex was a * (What is a good name for the bad guys ) and stuff and jump and a few other things , in the end they are fighting demons and Xavier encounters the mysterious Taylor Cali that accommodates on fire . But in ruckkus , Tristan is kidnapped and yes . So if anyone could help me shape this up with a good way to start please help .

  • 9Did everything in the book of revelations already happen?

    ive been doing research and a lot of people care about

  • 10What is the strenght and weakness of the book?

    What is the strength and weakness of the book ?

  • 11How do i get started writting a book???

    I have everything down until the climax protagonist .. but I can start writing with some dialogue or explain what will happen or give some information about the main characters? Could you give me some examples , please ? thanks in advance

  • 12Christians, What is The Book of Enoch ?

    Christians , What is The Book of Enoch ?