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QWhats the name of this book?

I do not remember the name ( but I love this book - my teacher used to read me - ) , but I know that basically it is this:
a family go on vacation to a ( Island? )
mom and dad go to a buisness meeting all day in a boat at sea.
While mom and dad are going , an older brother in charge of his only sister.
Theres an earthquake ,

The earthquake caused a fire hotel.
The earthquake causes a tsunami scare .
children climbing a big hill where there are an older couple ( who have a poodle )
say that every time there is a tsunami scare a walk by and see from above the top until it is safe .
large tsunami .
Brother and sister are separated , perhaps -

A second wave hits .
the elderly couple are swept past the poodle.
The brothers meet , if they really separates -

trying to find the parents , but to find the older man and he tells them that his wife dies and can keep the dog .
and I forgot the rest ...

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#1DannyAnswered at 2013-01-17 06:10:59
I think this is escaping the giant wave by Peg Kehret
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Whats the name of this book?

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