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QWhat is the geographical process of floods?

What is the process that causes flooding Geographic ?

please help me I got a job for tomorrow and do not know what I'm doing **** or **** wat this question means
if u answer will love you forever

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#1KabulAnswered at 2013-03-04 22:12:20
During the flow of the rivers of rain or snow or glacier melt or lahar also a landslide in a river or body of water , lake or sea could cause an increase or a tsunami . but the greatest flood of all time was Noah's flood . " in Genesis 6 or 7 of the Bible is a great story of the flood that destroyed the world every living thing on this planet to save those in the ark with Noah and his family . not just rain ... the fountains of the deep opened and for 40 days and nights is poured upon the earth until the whole earth was under water ! mountains were not formed at the same time as the highest hills were covered . when the waters had finnaly or aswaged , mountains were formed by the force of water on earth and perhaps a few earthquakes . , but in any case , the seas settled where we are now and folded rock layers ( seabed mud ) in strata worldwide . 's also full of fossils, indicating that everyone was flooded is that killed billions of living established by the water in the rock layers of worldwide. hope you find this information useful
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What is the geographical process of floods?

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