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QWhat are some safety tips i should have in case on a tsunami? and what should i bring with me?

I'm doing a project at school and need some information that I listed in my project .
Need some tips on staying safe in a landslide , hurricane , and tsunami and the things you should stay safe if it happens and this would be very good information if it was all in one.

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#1KylanAnswered at 2013-01-20 14:13:02
I guess the two best things we have for a tsunami would be a submarine and a plane of some sort ... water in a tsunami depart from the land before the tide comes in: do not go to see what's going on , get out. in a landslide that really need to run , or if that is impossible , get under something that will take the weight and not collapse on you. Hurricane , subway is the best for high wind speeds . for all occasions , whether you are in high risk area wearing a whistle around the neck is a very good idea , you can blow it if you get in trouble .
#2omraanAnswered at 2013-02-21 14:17:43
Dry and canned food . Bottled water . Flashlights and batteries . Radio . Warm / waterproof clothing.
#3griffinAnswered at 2013-06-23 01:38:49
An automatic lifejacket would be my choice in a tsunami.
#4MattyAnswered at 2013-06-28 18:08:50

Pay attention to the news. You will only have a few hours warning at most. You'll see the wave before it hits if you're looking and you may also see the ocean recede as it approaches and sucks away all the water.

Run to higher ground, or if you can't do that go to a sturdy multistory building like a parking garage. Don't spend time packing. You should already have a disaster preparedness kit with a radio, food, water, blankets, first aid and anything else you may need like insulin or diapers plus important documents and a little cash. Some experts say to include a gun, others don't. A life vest might also be a good idea, and keep a tent in your car.


The concept is the same. The best way to avoid them is to get out of the way, especially if your home is not very well built or close to the sea. Large hotels and apartment buildings are safe, but stay in an interior corridor or you'll be peppered with shards of broken glass and debris. Again, it pays to have a disaster preparedness kit. Flares may be handy if you need to attract the attention of rescuers. Remember, don't try to drive through flooded streets - especially if there's moving water.

Oh, and if you try to hide underground you'll almost certainly drown. If you happen to own a sealed underground bunker with it's own air supply I suppose this could work...


Don't live in a place that's prone to landslides. These can happen suddenly any time there's heavy rains or an earthquake; outrunning it isn't usually an option. Go to the top floor and stay there. You'll hear a horrible grinding sound and possibly see a wall of moving trees and earth.
#5help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answered at 2013-12-08 00:38:58
u should bring with a roller coaster for enjoyment!
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What are some safety tips i should have in case on a tsunami? and what should i bring with me?

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