Earth Questions

What would a super tsunami do too you? related questions

  • 1What would a super tsunami do too you?

    If a tsunami that was about 100 meters high hits you, you will die instantly or just drown .

  • 2Poetry, SUPER long. Help?

    When the wind shaking the trees When thunder roars , the earth will tremble There is a cause and effect for all Nobody knows exactly what happened last fall A young girl , at the age of only thirteen; is trying his best not to be seen As we all sit and lay around; secretly hides and does not sound Why , you ask , do you feel so silent ? Her beloved father , a drunk , has become very violent Who would do something so horrible and cruel? A parent with a wound broken and old wedding ring His wife, a beautiful and brilliant young ; with long hair and dark brown and a beach as He died that autumn of 1997 faithful She was a very nice lady so of course went to heaven Father's heart is full of sorrow and sadness ; the truth , for it is hard to swallow Indeed , if he had picked up his daughter from gym ; That woman , his wife , he can still be with This poor man feels he is to blame ; so does nothing but drink to relieve pain That cries every night thirteen years She prays , and asks if everything will be fine His father came to her to say ;

  • 3What is your opinion on the Super Moon?

    Should we be concerned ? Are all these earthquakes and hurricanes and natural disasters that gives us a signal that something important is about to happen . Does the government and scientists keep this from the public. What should we think . Or is it all a hoax ?

  • 4How can i use the cape super mario world?

    How I can use the layer Super Mario World ?

  • 5What do u think about my theory on the super moon???science people?

    you know the moon causes tides and stuff. water wieghs by Continental plates when the moon is closer to Earth 's gravity on the moon made ​​the water change enough for the plates slide causing the earthquake in Japan just a random thought I had

  • 6Could California experience a Super Quake any time soon?

    Iam talking like 14.2.

  • 7What does the Super moon have anything to do with the recent disaster at Japan?

    I'm sure most of you have heard of the recent disasters that struck Japan . There have been reports that may have something to do with a moon super. Super moons are about 14 % closer to the earth , seems brighter . (You may have bad , sorry) Anyway, I wonder how that clash with the events in Japan ?

  • 8Would the mayans prediction for 2010 have anything to do with the yellowstone super volcanoe?

    I wondered who says they are about 40,000 years due to an eruption vei8 super, that has it all for the prediction of 2012 to the end of the earth ?

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  • 10How high is it currentley possible to build? Could a Super Tower into Space ever be achieved?

    If money and politics were no object ... How wide should it be? How long does it take to build? What would it cost ? What are the risks or benefits of a massive superstructure ?

  • 11Head for the hills people, Earth quake and super moon are here.?

    Last week I was reading about this months moon super. A Super Moon is where the moon is closer to Earth than at any other time in the last 20 years. I was reading the report was predicting earthquakes and tsunamis are possible . Then Japan passes . Could the proximity of the moon cause these events ? Are we all dome next week when the moon is closer ?

  • 12Why is that when in times of trouble and chaos i tend to be a great leader its like i become super confident?

    for example , there was a fire and an earthquake at different times and I suddenly knew command and be more or less authoritarian and secure