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I know I'm not the only one who has seen / heard all this crazy **** strange is happening :
- birds falling from the sky
- No dolphins and whales in the ocean be
- No wait tornadoes

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#1Rocket90Answered at 2013-02-28 00:11:43
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, a country that has experienced a significant earthquake (several thousands, actually, if you count the replicas) in three important occasions - Sep 4, 2010 (7.4), 22 February 2011 (6.3 but very shallow so destroyed half the city), and 5.8 in June (8th), but that was just a severe aftershock. When the earthquake struck in September, nothing bad happened - a few cracks here and there, no death, something close so everybody breathed a sigh of relief. It happened at 4am so no rush hour traffic was going on or something. Several hundred aftershocks occurred prior to February, and everyone thought the earth was calming down and would be fine in time. At 24:51 (lunch end, ie a boring weekday February - summer here) I was waiting in the lobby of an educational institute where I was studying, I still am now, but at another school, when the * BIG * a coup and overthrew entire buildings in this city, killing a couple of hundred people, destroying neighborhoods and streets overflow causing liquefaction (metro limo comes to the surface and hurling him as a geyser). In March, a madman named 'Ken Ring' appeared on national television and announced that, according to the moon and its pseudo science, this city will be beaten by an earthquake murderer in the coming months (until then). Needless to say, the whole country collectively hated and now is in hiding (I think). The day came and went without incident and tried to claim Ken Ring June 8 earthquake as its being correct, although it is laughable compared to February, months after saying something would happen, and clearly trying to save face . My point is that while this time period (2012 now, but this sequence, as I know it, began in 2010) is unfortunate given that proclaim historical rantings bad things for 2012, real bad things happened in 2011 - just ask the poor Japanese (as well as anyone in this city). So, I think if something biblically cataclysm would happen, would by now and would'nt start somewhere small nation in the a $ $ end of the world like New Zealand's, or a non-Christian nation like Japan, which would occur somewhere in the Middle East, pad near home of Jesus. If a scientist who goes on television saying that tomorrow is Earth asteroid tied or something, * then * I'll start to believe the hype of 2012, but, honestly, although these earthquakes have been terrible for many around the world , they do not seem great enough to read it like some prediction of the end of time. Dolphins and whales are not found in the oceans because the Japanese are too busy eating them. Birds are falling from the sky because we (humans) are too busy polluting it, and tornadoes do not listen to anyone for what they will do whatever they want. We (humans) are just super added all these things are signs, like the year 2000 would be the end, but not, I think that 1996 would be the return of the Antichrist (or am I confusing that with album of Marilyn Manson? ... can not remember), 2012 and will be remembered as a year right royally s ***, but one that still will end with Christmas and New Year celebrations and countdowns collective. Unless foreigners come here or some nut in the Middle East chooses to smoke a lot of hash and nuclear push of a button, this year will not armageddon. Although, I must admit, I have entertained the question many times, but that's usually when I take the public bus drives along with this inner city bridge overlooking a main road, and I think another jolt decent in that time, probably will descend on the bus I'm on board. I now * always * sigh of relief when the bus passes. The replicas here are now virtually disappeared. Spend whole days with rumors now of little importance. The hype of 2012 is just that - history speaks up.
#2TrowersAnswered at 2013-03-11 17:44:45
Forecasts for 2012 are not science , they are anti - science , delusion , gibbering superstition and lies posing as real knowledge for profit. No Mayan
#3Sushi!Answered at 2013-03-21 00:38:22
Do not worry about it , every two years , a group of people will choose a random date when everything ends . If you really look at the world there are always strange and inexplicable things happening, and there will always be periods of strange and extreme weather , sometimes altering the course of history , did you know that when the British sacked DC in 1812 a tornado chased off the city halfway ? In 1809 the belligerent powers of the Finnish War were able to march armies through the Baltic Sea, as it stood , if that happened today can you imagine the media freakout would ? If you are going to end this will end , but just in case you do not plan to work on December 22 this year .
#4SusanAnswered at 2013-04-20 01:11:17
What's going on ? Nothing really.

* The arms - . Nothing but bullshit YouTube

* Earthquakes - not every day are 1000 of earthquakes around the world , even where you live. Most are too weak to be felt even if you are standing on top of them, but they are there.

* The birds falling from the sky - very strange and I personally do not fully believe the official explanation about this Listing .
* Dolphins
#5george stanzaAnswered at 2013-05-24 12:49:08
Make sure you take your medications, daily !!!
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