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QIs it normal to feel dizzy after/because of the earthquake?

I felt good before the earthquake , but now I feel a little dizzy and agitated , a little like I was still going a bit . I feel a little bad move , as the kind of feeling you get after riding some rides in an amusement park . Is anyone else going through this and it is a common symptom experienced after ?

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#1b182Answered at 2013-01-18 22:44:49
Yes Idk my heart beat fast , I thought maybe I was having vertigo or panic attack .. Meanwhile, it was an earthquake .. I've calmed
#2HelpplzAnswered at 2013-06-14 11:28:57
yes i feel it a little. and other people i know have been dizzy. my mom has a headache. she thinks its because of the earthquake
#3Hugs n kissesAnswered at 2013-06-25 16:58:56
I am feeling the same way, dizzy and a bit off balance. I have also had a headache since the quake yesterday and I am trying to find out if it is normal.
#4Pleasehelp!Answered at 2013-08-08 10:18:32
We just had an earthquake here in VA and I was saying to people that I feel like I have Vertigo. It's a very weird feeling!
#5DebraAnswered at 2013-10-08 08:39:03
Yes it is, and there is something called aftershock, maybe you're feeling that.
#6joshuaJRAnswered at 2013-12-05 05:29:12
I was driving my car during the quake and, honestly, did not actually feel the motion of the quake; however, I suddenly got very sick-feeling, dizzy and queasy. I was alone and actually said aloud - to myself! - "I don't feel so good." I parked the car and only when I went into the market, did I hear that we'd had an earthquake. Therefore, I don't believe the dizziness has anything to do with anxiety from the quake. I believe it is a physical reaction that sensitive types can have from the actual movement of the earth. The quake itself made me feel sick. Weird but true.
#7glitter smitter Answered at 2014-01-06 15:49:39
It is probably because of the ultra low frequency that passes through you.
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Is it normal to feel dizzy after/because of the earthquake?

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