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Tattoo ideas about overcoming depression? related questions

  • 1Tattoo ideas about overcoming depression?

    I've been very depressed for 15 years. I am very unstable . I'm looking to get a tattoo when I see it gives me hope. I'm in therapy and have a little hope that I never had before. I just want something to go on , any ideas? thank you!

  • 2Chile 1929 - 1930 great depression?

    Can anyone help me with my history homework , is about the Great Depression and I have to do in Chile between 1929 and 1930 . I have to find out what were the social, political and economcal depression in Chile . All I've been able to find so far is the information about the earthquake . please help me a little this to the last minute .

  • 3Is depression really a syndrome if certain stimuli comes up in your life to bring about the pain?

    For example : Depression is not a disease or a syndrome if someone hurts you . And do not tell me it's the chemicals in the brain , because they inspire the pain of abuse and tumble of life to come your way .

  • 4Need tattoo aftercare cream!

    Need tattoo aftercare cream!

  • 5Do tattoo removal creams work?

  • 6Is there any good tattoo shops in or around Ocean City?

    Im going on vacation with my girlfriend sometimes and I was wondering if there was any good tattoo shop in or near Ocean City , MD cause I would get one that will be my first time . Also if there are any good tattoo shop in southern PA and northern MD also be great to know if I can find one on the beach . Please and thank you ! Some with a website so you can see the art work is very useful and good.

  • 7How do I speed up the healing process of a laser tattoo removal?

  • 8Any ideas for a ballad?

    I have to write a ballad like a ballad poem is not a song based on a modern fact that has already occurred . Any ideas on what I can write ? Some suggestions are my teacher gave me 9/11 , World War 2 and several tsunamis and earthquakes . None of this appeals to me, though. thanks x

  • 9Title ideas for my story?

    My story is about a group of surfers theres two schools and both are the best schools for the sport of surfing are competitors in all One day , an earthquake hit one and his disciples had to move to another school . what happens to the surf team , who will be the captain have to work out love and romance included and that's all I can say . please and thank you .

  • 10Ideas for geography project ?

    I have to do this project in geography and I was thinking of maybe doing a landslide, but do not know where to start with the construction of the same . Construction of an earthquake had also crossed my mind , but again , I would not know how to build it . This can not be a point of power, has to be built / constructed so that our classmates can touch : S something like elementary school when we had to build paper mache volcanoes :)

  • 11Any good News story ideas?

    For writing class , I have to write a report about any news that may be real or makeup . I've already thought about the earthquake in China . Any other ideas ?

  • 12What are some good very creative drawing ideas?

    I have some creative designs for the summer because I want to draw something , but I have no fresh ideas knew !