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QPlease translate japanese to english and english to japanese?

- Hare
- Aki
- It's snowing .
- The wind is blowing .
- Jishin
- The school is not cool .
- I have no dream.
- Kyou no desu ka wa dou tenki ?
- Donna tenki ga suki desu ka ?
Kirai - tenki wa arimasu ka na ?

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#1benji!Answered at 2013-08-01 07:59:00
hare-晴れ(はれ) meaning sunny
aki-秋-(あき)  meaning fall
It is snowing-雪がふっている(ゆきがふっている)Yuki ga futteiru
The wind is blowig-風が吹いている(かぜがふいている)-kaze ga fuiteiru.
jishin-地震(じしん)-jishin meaning earth quake
The school is not cold.-学校は寒くない。(がっこうはさむくない)-Gakkou wa samukunai.
Kyou no tenki wa doudesuka?-今日の天気はどうですか?
(きょうのてんきはどうですか) meaning How is the weather today?
Donna tenki ga suki desuka?-どんな天気が好きですか-
(どんなてんきがすきですか?) meaning what weather do you like?
Kirai na teki wa arimasuka?-嫌いな天気はありますか?(きらいなてんきはありますか) meaning Do you dislike any weather?

Hiragana is in the parenthesis!
#2libra1017Answered at 2013-11-06 04:08:09
Although hare and aki could both be weather words, they also could have other meanings.

This sounds suspiciously like homework. Don't you have a dictionary? The whole point of homework is to help you learn.
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Please translate japanese to english and english to japanese?

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