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QI want to move where the climate is warmer then Wisconsin and the cost of living is less expensive then ours,?

This place should avoid tornadoes , earthquakes and horricanes and have jobs in the field of transport I machining , where should I go .

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#1NedraAnswered at 2013-01-14 09:53:00
If you want a warmer climate this excludes the northern half of the U.S. . Hurricanes removes any place at any cost. Tornadoes eliminate 2/3rds of the American middle and southern states . California has an earthquake and the higher cost of living . The Rocky Mountain states have high snow and brutal winter because of the elevation . About the only places left are Arizona , New Mexico , Nevada and parts of eastern Utah and Colorado . However, in all these states , if you live in one of the great centers of population with high cost of living . Unless you are willing to live in a desert or semi-arid zone where nobody wants to live it will cost . The only place I can think of that fits your needs is SW Missouri and NW Arkansas . This little patch of the Ozark Mountains has no hurricanes , tornadoes or earthquakes . They have mild summers and winters and the cost of living is very low compared to Wisconsin. And the scenery is just amazing . However, their main sources of income are Wal - Mart and tourism . I'm sure they have jobs in their field , I do not know how many. One thing that you should prepare for . The cost of living is much lower , but so are wages . You pay less but earn less . If you like fishing , you will love this area . There are five large lakes in the area , the White River and many private lakes where you can fish . Camping , canoeing and hunting are also readily available. It is an outdoor paradise of man . Also in the area of Silver Dollar City and Branson Missouri . Very popular tourist attractions .
#2NikAnswered at 2013-01-16 13:32:50
Rajasthan , India . searches you like
#3ChritianAnswered at 2013-03-11 23:29:28
Why would you do that ? As a fellow Wisconsinite think it perfectly appropriate to spend a lot of money to make it colder here . I'm disappointed in myself for taking the plastic of my windows too soon and wish you were still up . But now it is completely warm .
#4ShamiraAnswered at 2013-03-30 10:28:37
#5Joshua BAnswered at 2013-04-15 10:13:51
Mexico sounds like a nice warm place .
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I want to move where the climate is warmer then Wisconsin and the cost of living is less expensive then ours,?

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