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QHow did the Japanese government respond to the Japanese tsunami, both immediately and in the long-term?

How to respond to the Japanese government Japanese tsunami , both immediate and long term ?

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#1arshiAnswered at 2013-07-30 12:48:52
About 30 minutes after Higashinion Daishinsai broke out, Tsunami assaulted the coast of Japan.At that time, the prime minister Naoto Kan, who felt emergency situation, made Saigaitaisakuhonbu(disaster headquarter immediately. Since that time, over a half years, some of politicians including Naoto Kan showed on press conferences with special work clothes for the emergency disaster, with not suit. The style meant the emergency condition on Japan.
Japanese government, that felt the emergency condition, dispatched Jieitai(Japanese self-defence forces) to Tohoku region. more, after a few days, as you know, Fukushima power plant broke melt-down accidents, after that, government must have coped with the accidents.

Government cooperated with Tokyo Denryoku(Tokyo Electric Power Company), at same time, Government dispatched best corps of Tokyo Shoboutyou(Tokyo Fire Management Agency) to Fukushima. They contributed to the fire extinguishing activity very much. however Tokyo Denryoku workers were negative to add to the activity, and they entrusted the activity to their subcontract workers. That showed bad aspects as a corporation.

and if we stand on long-term view points, by fear called to Fuuhyou Higai(fear of radioactivity,citizens rejected to buy vegetables, eggs and meats, milk made in Fukushima, as a result, production power on Fukushima region decreased badly, life level of Fukushima citizen fell too.
recovery from this Fuuhyou Higai, the appeal that Fukushima vegetables is safe and the stability of life in Fukushima, that will be problems of Japanese govement.
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How did the Japanese government respond to the Japanese tsunami, both immediately and in the long-term?

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