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Movie naming help please respond fast? related questions

  • 1Movie naming help please respond fast?

    ok there is a movie where a lot of people on a cruise ship out cruse in the middle of the ocean . cunning in the bowl there is an earthquake and then there is a wall of water that turns the pot upside down and then people have to try out what movie is ? ? ? is like in the movie 2012 , where the father is black guys ont the vessel and deployed as an exception in this town Live Movie

  • 2Earth Quake: Please respond fast?

    We felt a minor tremor of the earth , this is the first time I experienced something like that. The earthwork was 2-3 seconds, but was violent . Will there be an earthquake now? We live on the second floor of our house with four floors . Is it going to collapse if there is an earthquake ?

  • 3What is the name of that English movie? I saw that movie during a flight journey between 1996-2003. Details...?

    The story goes like this : A couple with a young child trapped underground for something like an earthquake . The couple believes the world has ended and they are the only survivors . Some . How are light and have enough food to survive for many years They give all the education of your child and the child becomes an adult . Suddenly , the earth that opens the way for them to leave. The son goes out and finds that the world is running normal, but with many changes they had never imagined . How to adapt to modern society and earn a living is the rest of the story . The son happen to meet a beautiful girl too. Also found that the images of characters that had saved baseball before the land sank can get a lot of money now . I liked that movie a lot. I want to see her again . But I do not know the name of that movie . please help me.

  • 4What Sci-fi video game turned into a movie would be an epic movie?

    The Journeyman Project ---- Time travel , mystery, action and unpredictable , emotional ................ atmosphere reminds me a little Blade Runner meets Terminator . ---- Fallout would have to start from Wasteland and the destruction of the Earth . reminds me of LOTR with Starwars , apoptolyptic a dystopian future . ---- Gordon Freeman Half Life can be lonely . Full history and timeline is epic ! I would not know where to start . Deus Ex ---- Something like the Bourne series . impressive ---------- Quake with a total world reinvention of history , but the same .... It can be done ! Freaking can be great .... his pious . And finally , a remake of Doom and what is classified X with tons of pictures sick , gore , guts , organs from the inside out , mothers who give birth to 12 children and the explosion , ripping demons chest of victims and taking thier thier heart ..... ...... I'm talking about what is the way it should have been . Arggh ! As for other games ............. what the manager should do?

  • 5How did the Japanese government respond to the Japanese tsunami, both immediately and in the long-term?

    How to respond to the Japanese government Japanese tsunami , both immediate and long term ?

  • 6I was going, but she was fast machine.....?

    I was going , but was quick machine ..... ?

  • 7Lose Weight Fast

    How I can lose weight fast  ?

  • 8Need information about fast loans!

    Need information about fast loans!

  • 9How fast do tsunamis travel on average?

    I want to know how long it would take for a tsunami to travel from Alaska to Washington .

  • 10How far and how fast does an earthquake of 7.9 richter scale travel through a relatively dense medium?

    How far and how fast does an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale travels through a relatively dense? Is there a difference in the speed and distance of continental and oceanic crust ? I would appreciate a series of numbers and backup sources if possible. Thank you !

  • 11Need to find varicose veins natural treatments that work fast!

    Need to find varicose veins natural treatments that work fast!

  • 12Where does earth quake liikely happen? pls answer this question fast pls cuz am in school answering it.?

    where form why are the questions that exist about earthquake. and yes the most recent earthquake with its consequence