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QPoetry, SUPER long. Help?

When the wind shaking the trees
When thunder roars , the earth will tremble
There is a cause and effect for all
Nobody knows exactly what happened last fall

A young girl , at the age of only thirteen;
is trying his best not to be seen
As we all sit and lay around;
secretly hides and does not sound

Why , you ask , do you feel so silent ?
Her beloved father , a drunk , has become very violent
Who would do something so horrible and cruel?
A parent with a wound broken and old wedding ring

His wife, a beautiful and brilliant young ;
with long hair and dark brown and a beach as
He died that autumn of 1997 faithful
She was a very nice lady so of course went to heaven

Father's heart is full of sorrow and sadness ;
the truth , for it is hard to swallow
Indeed , if he had picked up his daughter from gym ;
That woman , his wife , he can still be with

This poor man feels he is to blame ;
so does nothing but drink to relieve pain
That cries every night thirteen years
She prays , and asks if everything will be fine

His father came to her to say ;

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#1laniieAnswered at 2013-02-27 10:23:13
I can not imagine your teacher gives you something less than a B for this. I like it .
#2J HayesAnswered at 2013-04-19 00:52:02
its good

answer mine ?
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Poetry, SUPER long. Help?

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