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QHow do I slow down my sex drive?

Unfortunately we women reach our sexual peak around age 40 and men reach them before they are really men . I have 38 years my husband is 47. I want at least five times a day . Not just a quicky want earth shattering , house rocking , hard core sex .
I have other things to occupy me , but I can not concentrate .
He is happy with 1-3 times a week . I'm going crazy . HELP

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#1RroydAnswered at 2012-11-19 20:44:56
negotiate. reach a mutual understanding .
#2AretaAnswered at 2012-11-20 03:53:54
It is true that men reach their peak in early so we . So why not do what they do . I dont mean j.erk jut off. I mean to find a hobby that requires a lot of physical effort . You know , like tennis . Go to the gym more often . Play tag with a few kids on the block . Press a dusty carpet with a broom handle ( Believe me, takes a lot of stress off ) . You'll be fine . Just find a way to take your mind off of getting laid for 5 seconds. = ) = P ;) Good Luck ! ! ! !
#3ANYONE SmartAnswered at 2012-11-20 08:21:59
#4Help immediately!!!!!Answered at 2012-11-22 00:45:22
#5btdAnswered at 2012-11-23 14:16:39
This sounds like you either have too much time , or not exercising enough . I recommend that when you get to those impulses , jogging, or doing something strenuous . Sometimes , a good workout does the trick . Hope this helps .
#6lashundraAnswered at 2012-12-01 16:17:35
Well, this is all up to you . If he refuses or can not meet your expectations then you can meet . I do not know what you like, but if you want to stay faithful then you need to do other things to tire out .
#7trigofunctionsAnswered at 2012-12-01 20:04:23
Drag him away for a weekend and put the law for him. If he is wise , he will not want lookng for him elsewhere .
#8shaynaAnswered at 2012-12-02 02:17:18
losers that they are looking for volunteers
#9AyanaAnswered at 2012-12-05 16:36:12
Have kids , if you do not already have any . That probably will slow you down .
#10Crissy XDAnswered at 2012-12-08 08:59:52
cold showers !
#11*Answered at 2012-12-11 00:16:52
Have a sit and say you need a little more , the earth trembled sex , so go get some vitiams partner and hit it.
#12KateleeAnswered at 2012-12-15 06:03:14
Buy a lot of toys . Maybe I'll give them a hand ....
#13CherbrenaAnswered at 2012-12-25 17:31:22
5 times a day ? ! ? ! LOL ! Her husband is a lucky guy ! I hate it . Why not do all the work ? They sat back and not worry about anything . Going to do everything ! This will make it increasingly . Try different things. Not only the same things over and over again with sex . That is defferent time. Keep excited thinking about what will happen to him when he gets home from work. That's a real turn on .
#14VybzMachineAnswered at 2013-01-13 13:33:47
redirect their energies that is what we, the men had to do when we were young . We had to learn to cope . Stopping in making it worse. You need to get busy with other things in life and make it great when you have sex . I wish more women who teach there younger versions about the differences and we can all get along much better . Good luck and God bless !
#15CecilliaAnswered at 2013-01-25 12:41:04
you know, at his age , 1-3 times a week is pretty good . I would buy toys and be happy with what I have ....
#16KendrickAnswered at 2013-02-09 22:23:45
Hire a gardener ...
#17DodieAnswered at 2013-04-06 04:43:45
Gee .... sorry, not neighbors . I'd be happy to help you find a solution to this dilemma .
#18JolineAnswered at 2013-04-14 08:44:12
Buy yourself some toys and this will help . Or slip some Viagra in his orange juice !
#19geoffreyAnswered at 2013-05-01 05:10:07
so you have to compromise ... I mean do not thnk 5 times a day is a bit demanding, or too much. ? .... or what other people said ... viagra and toys!
#20mekalaAnswered at 2013-06-12 14:58:27
im not sure if this is an answer but i feel the same way im only 24 and im going nuts as well. I used to not want it at all maybe 2-3 times a week and now im going insane not getting enough from my man he used to be the opposite as me. We have reversed positions somehow
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How do I slow down my sex drive?

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