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Is it true Life Insurance is a contract that keeps you poor all your life? related questions

  • 1Is it true Life Insurance is a contract that keeps you poor all your life?

    so that you can die rich .

  • 2Poll: Is it true that the life of Planet Earth is ending?

    I just caught word that birds on your planet are falling from the sky , and a lot of fish have washed up on its shores . I also realize that the world will end on December 21, 2012 . In addition there has been an increase in earthquakes , volcanic eruptions and other things . So is the Earth dying? There is also the whole issue of global warming ....

  • 3No future!!!!! No life!!!!!!!! want to die!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Hello friends , I 'm in a situation wr i hav no option to live . I m in luv with a person who thinks that his happiness only ABT , nt selfish but stubborn , he is a communist and a family man nt -fit . I luv him so much. luvs me also . but wants me to accept it as such . I hav talked to him two years asking to change, but does not. Her parents hate me like hell . My papernts are against our love . no chance of my paernts marry him. if i hav to marry hi , i will have to flee . but I am afraid I must run with it only bcos of love that he has or should run with it without waiting fr frm him all my life . Not bad if you think about marrying a person I show my parents im nt interested . even if there is no other way and I married a stranger , wat if after getting to know me abt my relationship and my whole family torchures fr . My parents hav started to hate me . Now i M unable to decide in my life . No way I can be at peace . i have decided to end my life . i dnt see no hope for the future . im facing lots and lots of daily torchures ABT mental thought my future . I cry a lot . Sleepless nights , no proper food ........ nt achieve peace . hav decided correctly . Is it ok fr me meet a psychiatrist . plzzzzzzz help

  • 4How is there still life on this planet?

    I'm reviewing some notes for a test I have on Monday , the class is basically the history of the earth , and all geological processes and what is not . Read some of the notes can not believe there's life on this planet . After all Supervolcanos erupted , meteors hitting the pole shift that happened , plate movements , the ice age that happened , the earth like a ball of snow , there is no oxygen in the atmosphere at a lots of atmosphere . As in the 19th century there was a little volcano volcanic winter (relatively ) . What happens when Yellowstone blows ? Not to mention all the hurricanes , tornadoes and earthquakes important land. Our teacher could not overcome the fact that there is still life after stroke meteorite that killed the dinosaurs . His background is in this kind of science so he could not answer all our questions . So I wonder what people on yahoo answers have to say . PS I'm not asking for help in my review , I'm just curious about how there's life on earth lol

  • 5Need help with my social life!?

    I have 17 and a junior in high school and had an epiphany about 2 weeks ago and I realized I need to change my life and cut all the BS outta it. Since then I started eating healthier , exercising more and doing better in school . Then I realized the obvious , I'm lonely . There's a girl in my school that I have been an aquaintance to for a few years . And for me , I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I think I love her. I guess it's because my mother died and my father going away soon too. And I need someone to love . I asked if he wanted to watch a movie and he said he would ask his parents , but they said no , and I have the feeling that she thinks invited to a social gathering with friends and not a date, I was thinking that i am willl just openly ask him to take her to dinner as a date and meet her parents , is this the way I should take ? Please help .

  • 6What is life like in Japan?

    I want to know everything about life in Japan . Are you kind to strangers ? Are they snobs ? What do they eat ? What is the weather like? My mother and I had a long talk about it and she does not want me to live there when I grow up because of the people . Some of my friends went over the summer and said the people were very friendly . I'm just trying to learn everything I can about it now : D

  • 7Life in San Francisco?

    I need to know about life in San Francisco in 1905-6 ( after the earthquake ) . Any facts or websites would be appreciated! thanks

  • 8Is there proof of life after death?

    Is there evidence of life after death ?

  • 9What do the animals and sea life do in the Tsunami?

    Do they survive ? Does it just float in the waves ? Is it affected by earthquakes and tsunamis ?

  • 10Can life exist without the Creator ?

    I need your opinions too.

  • 11After life or eternal nothingness?

    In short, I'm afraid to die freaken. It's not what it feels like to die is what scares me, it'' s what is beyond the grave. I consider myself Catholic although I often question. If I knew there was something after death, I do not fear death at all, unless in distress or any reasonable scenario. Personally, I think the eternal nothingness really would suck because although I have no concern, I am absolutely NOTHING FOR THE REST OF INFINITY AND BEYOND! (Toy Story reference) instead of prenatal contrary, nothing happens after that lived. These are some of the reasons that there is a God: * Near Death Experiences-people say they see God and relatives * Jesus is a real person, he must have done something to start a religion * Religion is about the ideas millemnia simulate * What is the origin of God - Where did matter? * The probability of the existence of God is so inlikely of our existence in the world of human beings are the most intelligent creatures in the world. Such as thinker, knowledge of building societies, etc Why God: * Experiences, Near Death lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in the illusory dream. * Just as I saw the sky, others claim to have seen nothing and being dead flatlined * Many scientists doubt the existence of God * There is speculation that the ancient Greek religion was his reasoning of why natural phenomena occur (eg Earth by earthquake Posieden angry) Room for debate: * God and science are not enemies but friends * There are explanations that decode the plagues of Moses on the History Channel. Although the suggested explanations happened, Moses still knew what was coming and God worked with science. With Near Death Experiences, even if dreams are wishes, God had given visions supposedly people in their dreams in the Bible. * God may have used the Big Bang to create the universe After releasing the pointers, my main question: Is there an afterlife or just a few minutes from the visions of one?

  • 12Hurt for her in the divorce and life?

    It hurt a lot to our relationship broke down after eight years and two children . But since God has grounded me again . He has opened my eyes to the fact that she does not want to change , but live in sin.even launched this separation ... my heart is broken only by the fact that in the Word of God says