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QIs it true Life Insurance is a contract that keeps you poor all your life?

so that you can die rich .

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#1prabhuAnswered at 2013-01-23 21:09:34
Which statement so nice ! I've been telling many people that safe operation is a clear public ingnorance . Suppose a 25-year term policy Lakh . Annual commitment of Rs.4100 / - per year for 25 years. What you pay for a premium is Rs.1 , 02,500 / - What is likely to get is Rs . 2,50,000 / -. Around the end of 25 years with all additions
On the other hand , had to buy gold instead of paying the premium , the analysis is as follows . Gold price 25 years ago was Rs.120 / - For grams per day is around 1,600 / - per gram . Thus every year had acquired Golden bet at least 700 grams of gold you will have in your life that are worth today is more than Rs . 11 lakhs . However, the insurance company is paying only Rs.2.5 lakhs . well as an exemption from income tax Rs.1 , 000 / - . annually Insecurity in the human mind is like business for insurance companies ! At least in the case of the LIC 100% of the money is used only in Indian infrastructure development by various state governments to lend to a very low rate of interest . can digest. Suppose the case of multinationals present , only deceives by false promises that if you pay 50,000 / - for three years , get around Rs.3 , 00,000 / - One person I know has invested Jan2006 - 50, 000 / - 01 2007-50000
#2Mary BethAnswered at 2013-04-25 22:40:00
that is old
saying Now various reimbursement policies, pension policies, insurance policies are critical corridors refute the above statement.
I totally disagree with turns in this area.
In the example given by tacking, the person survived. but what happens is met with an accident and permanent disability?
there are several pure term insurance policies and premiums paid are very low.
if everything were suddenly one breadwinner becomes ill criticism and permanently disabled dad, who would come to his aid?
premiums for pure term insurance policies is very low. for example, an older person wants to have a policy for rs 25,00,000 \ - that is to pay rs 5450 / pa and if taken over 30 years, equivalent 1,63.500 rs / -. of this total we have to deduct rs 1090 / - (the rate of 20% deducted) assuming he is paying taxes. equivalent to rs32700 / - (simple interest) so the net insurance amount payable was Rs 163500-32700 = 1.30800 / - Reviews If we calculate THAN RS 1090 \ - at the rate of 6 percent interest principle, the premium amount payable will be NIL
Who knows what happens in the next moment? Is not the moral responsibility of a person to see his family is not in the streets after his death or permanent disability?
gold investment does not give good dividends.
gold rate per gram in the 80 was rs 200 / - now is around 1700 / - Reviews but the bonus paid by the LIC, at the rate of eight percent in rs 200 / - and the rebate of income tax is also taken into consideration, with accrued benefit will be more than rs rs1843 / - Reviews if the same amount is invested in a fixed deposit for 30 years at a rate of 8%, which would be around Rs 1953 / - Reviews Insurance may not be a good investment option, but it gives security to the family members.
if any body wants to make money fast, can be done legally and morally in the securities markets. by investing in a systematic and scientific manner following the principles of Warren Buffet, one can get a reasonable return at a rate of 48 percent.
I started to answer this part edited this question, HCL technology moved around Rs 362 / - and now spurted to rs367 / - Reviews EDIT
insurance premiums must be paid to our savings, but not borrowing from money lenders.
that the policy to be adopted varies from person to person.
LIC of India has policies covering both natural and accidental death insurance premium nominal

Andhra Bank introduced a group insurance scheme called jeevan abhaya. by paying a nominal premium that covers a natural death and accidental death lakh two thousand rupees. (Tie with LIC) ...
#3Pingo Answered at 2013-05-31 02:18:41
no, its false
#4GenAnswered at 2013-07-31 10:39:25
I know you ask it in lighter vein. But both the above answers gave serious answers throwing good light in the matter. Thanks to both of them.
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Is it true Life Insurance is a contract that keeps you poor all your life?

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