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QHow can moon drive the ocean tides without loss of any enegry of itself?

energy consevation not followed !

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#1LeslieAnswered at 2013-01-17 23:54:13
the earth keeps the moon in orbit , so that the Moon does not have to do anything . the moon has a gravitational force , too ( if the speed of rotation keeps the soil moons and moon collision ... one day long from now the moon berotating so fast and break the slingshot fly) and water is pulled toward the moon , so it's the only thing that the moon has to do.
#2DhirajAnswered at 2013-01-21 21:20:23
There is very little loss of energy in driving ocean tides . Some parts of the ocean are at high tide, some are at low tide . Is balanced . Tides are waves that travel through the oceans . It takes some energy to start going , but just keep going . There is a tiny bit ** energy loss , it is true . This is mainly caused by the friction between the oceans and land. But water is quite slippery , whereby the friction is very small.
The energy loss is only 310 x 10 * 18 J per year , about the same as seven nuclear bombs MK24 . This causes the moon to lose energy by increasing its distance from Earth , 38 mm per year .
#3BrennaAnswered at 2013-02-23 15:12:50
Oh , yes , the energy conservation continues . You need to do some research on how the Moon and Earth work together . The Moon is in orbit , but it is the Earth and its oceans are doing energy transfer to the Moon . The moon just coming to a higher orbit , about 3.75 inches per year , and the Earth slows its rotation by something on the order of a few millionths of a second year.
#4u_r_fat Answered at 2013-04-28 20:39:18
The effects of gravity of the moons of the oceans , and as the moon revolves around the earth constantly , which creates the tides.
#5turtleAnswered at 2013-05-24 06:39:37
Oh, yes, there is a loss. Nothing but NOTHING is 'free', lol. Actually, the entire universe is 'winding down'. To us - it seems there is no change. But, that's only 'cause we're so short-lived.

Check out the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The universal principle of entropy. 'Murphy's Law'. Everything.. eventually, will come to an ending.
#6BioncaAnswered at 2013-10-02 22:09:20
<QUOTE>there is no loss of any kind of energy by moon in driving tides of of the ocean!</QUOTE>

Correct. The loss of (kinetic) energy is Earth's, and it is dispersed as heat. In thermodynamics, heat is a measure of internal energy of the system, and it can be lost by radiation, in this case infrared (although the effect is not significant).
A similar effect is believed to happen with Jupiter's moon Europa. It is admitted that the tidal forces of the gravitational interaction with Jupiter is enough to melt the ice underneath Europa's surface.…
#7AymiAnswered at 2013-10-05 07:28:35
You're mistaken. Energy is indeed conserved.

Oscillating tidal motions (whether in water or in rock) result in friction, so the kinetic/potential energy of Earth's tidal motions is dissipated and converted into heat energy.

You also asked where the energy for Earth's tidal motions comes from. It comes from Earth's own rotation. The kinetic energy of a rotating object is 1/2 * I * ω^2, where I is its moment of inertia, and ω is its angular velocity. You will note that Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down, meaning its rotational kinetic energy is decreasing.

Why is Earth's rotating slowing down? Where do you suppose that kinetic energy is going? It goes into tidal friction (becoming heat), of course! Some of the energy also goes into boosting the Moon into a higher orbit (greater Earth-Moon potential energy) which is why the Moon is gradually moving away from Earth. This effect is caused by the asymmetric bulges induced on Earth by the Moon's gravity. The asymmetry is in turn caused by friction.
#8raghvendraAnswered at 2013-11-05 11:49:42
because of gravity pull and magnetic field.
just read the newtons universal law of gravitation,so u can understand exact reason for tides on earth.

earths gravity pull of moon forms tides on earth,
#9Kylie CastanedaAnswered at 2013-11-11 21:19:49
The gravity from the moon pulls the tide.
#10MoketeAnswered at 2013-12-04 09:18:36
The energy supplied by the moon to oceanic tides causes two effects that maintain the conservation of energy law --
1. The tides themselves create friction on Earth that's slowing its rotation;
2. The slowing of Earth's rotation also translates into a movement of the moon away from Earth.
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How can moon drive the ocean tides without loss of any enegry of itself?

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