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What is Life science, Earth science and Physical science. Please tell me in detail? related questions

  • 1What is Life science, Earth science and Physical science. Please tell me in detail?

    What is the main idea of the subject , topices studied in this field and tell pleast Wahat races are in the field . Please ! ! ! ! I need to know these things please! ! !

  • 2Help with earth science?!?

    ive been trying for more than an hour to answer these questions but I can not so help plz ! : ______________________________ ... 1. What is the letter representing the subshell is spherical ? 2. How many electrons can occupy a d sublevel ? 3. if an element has 67 protons and electrons , what is its atomic number ? 5. Another term for the bonding power of an element is positioning the key elements of the periodic table is the number of : valence electrons , atomic particles , internal energy levels , or atomic mass 6. an atom gains one or more electrons becomes: negative ion , ion neutral , positive ions, ion or covalent thank u ! I have to pass my test, but if I do not kno the answers to these questions that I wont go .. well thnx a lot!

  • 3I need help with my earth science plz help?

    T_T help ....... 1) ____________ to collid with earth provide evidence of Earth's internal composition 2) the area between a fault where no earthquake activity has occurred for a long time is called a ____________ 3) the land subsidence caused by earthquake vibrations called earth _____________ 4) what is the most widely used measure for earthquakes ? 5) What two types of measurements do scientists use to describe the size of earthquakes ? ________ 6) Most large earthquakes occur around the outer edge of the sea ______ .

  • 4Are these Earth science?

    1. volcanoes 2. Weather 3. Maps 4. climate 5. Sea water 6. earthquakes 7. space 8. Human Reproduction

  • 5Earth Science?

    Very well . I have about 8 laboratories due tommorow . I've been out a lot because of the flu , and it is suspected Kolidus . I have a lab do not understand , and need help . It is from the books , but I wonder if anyone knows of the hand . 1. The changes in the elevation of the crust in places where the bench marks were established in the past. 2. Structures , such as buildings and landmarks have changed . 3. In some places , the sedimentary rocks are known to be under water , is at high altitudes . 4. In some places , the sedimentary rock layers are not flat , but rather bent , bent or broken. 5. Remains of marine life in rocks found at high elevations . 6. The formation of geosynclines {} indicate shallow basins cortex appears as sediment accumulates sink . That's half of the blade , and the other half I have. What you need to do is identify the evidence that the Earth's crust moved , or is moving . Big help needed , please !

  • 6Earth Science? i need help?

    over a period of weeks seceral a seismologist and SWAVES pwaves received both from two different earthquakes with epicenters in the same lacation how can the scientist say it was the strongest earthquake ?

  • 7Plz plz plz help with earth science?

    Why did the state of New York have said a low incidence of earthquakes ?

  • 8What is this earth science to you?

    It's something new for me , now I'm in high school you see .... ^ ^ ,

  • 9Help me with this Earth Science question!!!?

    How does the model of earthquake foci support the theory of plate tectonics

  • 10Two earth science Questions?

    Can you explain ? 1. What do we mean when we say that the earthquake Richter scale is a logarithmic scale rather than a linear scale ? 2.In the epicenter of the earthquake is 2000 miles away from you and the first P wave was detected at 14:10:10 What time will the first wave s there?

  • 11Help with homework, earth science?

    An earthquake in Peru was reported on February 10, 2009 . Read the following excerpt from a news report : WASHINGTON : A strong earthquake of 6.0 magnitude struck just off the coast of northern Peru on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported . The earthquake , which struck the South American country at 9:09 am (1409 GMT ) , was centered 150 kilometers west of the city of Chiclayo , and 160 kilometers southwest of Piura .... The epicenter was at a depth of 10 kilometers , according to the USGS . ( ) Using terms describing this earthquake fault , bark , focus, seismic waves , and epicenter . :)

  • 12Homework Help, Earth Science?

    im supposed to describe what a geologist and a geochemical study . Geologist - They study things like rocks , glacial movements