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QWhat is Life science, Earth science and Physical science. Please tell me in detail?

What is the main idea of the subject , topices studied in this field and tell pleast Wahat races are in the field . Please ! ! ! ! I need to know these things please! ! !

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#1brookesterAnswered at 2013-01-25 20:21:21
life sciences body = geosciences = mountains , soil , oceans ect physucal = astronomy , chemistry , phisics
#2Charlotte TAnswered at 2013-09-04 10:38:12
Life science is more on biology, about ecosystems, cellular structure, organism kindoms, you can go into many fields that require biology such as medicine, zoology, botany...

Earth science is probably more like geography explaining things like the big bang, the continental plates, volcanoes, earth quakes, meteorology, I dont think there are many jobs avaliable in this section

Physical science is more about electricity, circuits and electrical systems, molecular movement and interactions, magnetism, magnetic fields, quantum physics....

but this are middle school and high school classes and no one really looks at these and gives you a job these are just to get you to understand the concept of science and scientific studies, how to do experiments, so you are ready for college

you should really pick a class that interests you in these if you want to have a courier involving science, these are just to spark your interests
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What is Life science, Earth science and Physical science. Please tell me in detail?

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