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Why do christians enjoy talking about the world ending soon? related questions

  • 1Why do christians enjoy talking about the world ending soon?

    my mom is a Christian superhero . I 'm moving to California next year. She tells me that God is going to make California

  • 2The World is ending is it?

    If the world really is ending , how is it that people keep making suggestions on what to stock up , like survival kits etc? Surely if the world is going to end in " a particular day ," then you will not need anything right? The world is over ! !

  • 3The world is ending? What do u think?

    Haiti earthquake was a first the second largest volcano in Iceland the third thing gas water platform explodes ? ! ? !

  • 4Do you think the world is ending?

    I mean cmon , theres been many earthquakes in the Bible it says that the days shorten and guess what :that last earthquake in Chile : the scientists also say that changes the earth's axis and the days are a bit shorter now

  • 5Do you think the world is ending soon?

    Just wondering what you guys think : P

  • 6Is the world ending soon?

    I'm just asking your opinion . I mean the giant earthquake / tsunami hit Japan only and damaged nuclear power plants that could cause massive damage . And of all the conflicts in Libya , Egypt , etc. , may build into something big . seems we are on the road to destruction .

  • 7Is the world ending lil by lil?

    The cause of hurricanes , earthquakes , below zero degrees in some states and other countries , people are dying other injured are at the end of the world?

  • 8What do you think about the world ending in 2012?

    I've seen all the shows , read every article , and have done a lot of research on the claims that the world will end on December 21, 2012 . ( This is what I think) I think it is true , in a way. I think the world will change mostly either for better or worse . I do not think the world will end , but I 'm not saying that people do not die . That will not happen great earthquakes and other things . I really do not see how that could end the world . People are going to fight to live , even in a time when that. Therefore, it can not be the end of the world if something is still alive , right? Not the end of the world means that there will be nothing ? I am writing a report about this in school , but I wanted to know what other people thought about this. I want to be sure your looked everywhere and I can not do that unless I ask people what they think. So , what do you think , World ? Are we done for ? Or just exaggerating ?

  • 9World ending in 2012?

    I think not ! They said the world ends in 2000 , and did? NO! God, why do you still believe that scientists after all his lies . perhaps thousands or millions of years after they all die (adult ) . then you might end but not now . stop believing that scientists and live their lives . 2012 is the end of a calender. NOT THE WORLD ! and

  • 10The world ending 2012?

    im 16 and I see that they are killing the earth , what can we do to save it I mean ice is melting all over the world really is ending 2012 if someone does the math on the rate that ice is melting much land was flooded ? Is this the end for humanity . ?

  • 11What if the world is ending in 2012?

    Well , what if the world is ending soon? I do not know if I believe it , but .. What if he does ? Is there any place to be "good " and do what your supposed to do now? Why not have fun and do not give a **** about something else? I do not know ... I am very depressed at the moment and I just want to leave my house and do whatever I want because I kinda do think to an end ...

  • 12Signs that the world are ending?

    While I'm doing a speech on doomsday prophecy and need to know what are the main signs that the world is coming to an end please someone help I just need the main points Thanks to anyone who can help