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QChristians/Atheists: what do have to say about this?

Here is a handy list of 44 prophecies that warns of recent times :

Increased capacity to wage war through technology
Widespread bloodshed between nations and within many
A move to the conformity of religion worldwide
Gross deviation from the teachings of the Bible
The emergence of a leading global religious
The influence of Eastern religions , the occult , astrology
Expectation of peace , without peace
A Jewish state in Palestine feasible
A treaty of peace in the Middle East
Continuing apparent hatred of Jews by Arabs
Building a place for sacrifice in Jerusalem
The restoration of the sacrificial cult in Jerusalem
Military invasion of Israel by international forces
Famines time due to spills , wars , population pressure

A large-scale artificial contamination and potentially fatal
The economic recession and the deaths from the disease mega
Destructive natural convulsions : earthquakes , floods , fires / li

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#1arindomAnswered at 2012-12-31 02:51:47
I prophesy that at least once by the end of this year , the sky is blue !
#2just another pretty faceAnswered at 2013-01-09 21:29:28
List all you like - all are BS .
#3blakingAnswered at 2013-01-10 04:29:22
I have not read them all, but I bet most of them have been going on for thousands of years . Edit: Yep .
#4shiningstar007Answered at 2013-03-22 10:30:14
kool . here is more. devil and his minions want to put 666 worldwide . Illuminati and Freemasons - promoting Jewish 666. my religion forbids tattoos laser 666 . I do not care if you believe it or not . but if you get this tattoo , or you may feel sorry for him in hell . I'm serious . This laser tattoo so bad. if u get , u no cause can become our religion or ' committed one of the big 5 (suicide , blasphemy, laser tattoo , puzzle worship , will be cured in the UFO ship by demons ) . well , I'm sure u did not commit the big 5 . so, u'r welcome to join our religion . self , of 666 dat number shows loyalty to Antichrist . if what you get with laser u, u go to hell . well , says book gives ' bout Jesus . rapture will not happen . Jesus created a set # of angels . third of them rebelled . Jesus turned to the rebels and expelled demons from heaven to earth . demons are ugly . well , they have to dress up to fool people . demons ouija board move . pray
#5HusamAnswered at 2013-04-01 19:31:55
#6Student who hates philosophyAnswered at 2013-07-17 04:48:24
Your list is crap.

"Increased leisure/unemployment?"
"A union of ten European nations?"

These aren't prophecies, they're you cherrypicking from the headlines.

I know a few guys claiming to be the Messiah. They're homeless and off their meds. Not looking for a sign of the endtimes, really I'm just looking for somebody to help these poor folks out.

Some of your prophecies are flat-out lies. Anti-Semitism is at an all-time low. Jews are more freely accepted worldwide now than at any other time in their history.

Take a walk, troll.
#7Waseeq.AAnswered at 2013-07-29 21:09:22
Prretty much it's Bull KaKa

Paste and copy from some nut site?
#8aLexusAnswered at 2013-10-08 03:29:20
This just proves that no one knows the truth......
#9(Fara)Answered at 2013-10-31 06:19:30
#10jean.bAnswered at 2013-12-12 19:10:07
Let's make a checklist, at least of the stuff I know:

[X]Increased capacity to make war through technology
[]Widespread bloodshed between and within many nations
[]A movement to conformity of religion worldwide
[X]Gross deviation from Bible teachings
[]Appearance of a globally acclaimed religious leader
[]Influence from eastern religions, the occult, astrology
[X]Expectation of peace, with no peace
[]A viable Jewish State in Palestine
[]A peace treaty in the Mid East
[X]Continuing overt hatred of Jews by Arabs
[]The building of a place for sacrifice in Jerusalem
[]The restoration of sacrificial worship in Jerusalem
[]Military invasion of Israel by international forces
[]Famines due to upset weather, wars, population pressure
[X]Large-scale and life-threatening man-made pollution
[X]Economic decline and mega deaths because of disease
[X]Destructive natural convulsions: quakes, floods, fires/li>
[]Asteroids etc devastating huge areas of the earth
[X]The moral and economic decline of the nations
[X]Serious health problems in these nations
[]And massive inner-city problems
[]With decline in agricultural output
[]A mass deportation of Jews from the land of Israel
[X]Unwise, weak and vacillating leadership in the democracies
[]The appearance of a powerful and dynamic leader in Europe
[X]The neglect in the justice system
[X]Disrespect for the elderly, for parents and for the young
[X]Increased leisure/unemployment
[X]Notable corruption at all levels of society
[X]Homosexuality becomes high profile and influential
[X]Increased criminal activity including murder and assault
[]A union of ten European nations
[]The call for a strong leader to solve massive world problems
[]International military co-operation
[]A movement towards establishing a world government
[]Europe, a vast international trading place
[]A move towards an economically controlled society worldwide
[X]The growth of anti-Semitism
[]Burgeoning scientific development and fast communications
[]The rise of Islamic militancy
[]Many claiming to be a Messiah
[]Superficial religiosity without true religious substance
[]The ability by mankind to destroy all life on earth
[]Events in the skies [2]
#11AlexxAnswered at 2013-12-27 02:38:48
I'm too tired to read all that.
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