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QHave you considered that Jesus gave us signs in regards to his return if we just take the time to look up!?

And , you see?
Do you think all this Severe Weather increase of earthquakes is manmade global warming ? in fact, this is the current seismic activity ... Scientists have discovered massive slow motion

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#1HaileyAnswered at 2012-12-22 04:09:34
How do you know all these earthquakes and bad weather was not the case 500 years ago ? wether has not been surveyed so long.
#2By LanaAnswered at 2012-12-27 17:49:39
We Muslims were given in sighs are sacred book know the day will come and sigh , but that day is not a specific date . These are the sighs I know. 1. He will be a raise on a Friday . 2. Children begin to disrespect their elders which means it will get worse . 3. Music will become popular
#3LibAnswered at 2013-02-01 06:32:56
Oh , no, it Crimmsonandclover Baack !
#4mohibAnswered at 2013-02-07 12:30:17
I believe that advances in psychiatric medications may be more beneficial to you than your obsession some chicken .
#5Marshall MathersAnswered at 2013-02-24 14:19:11
Seeing these things as a sign that Jesus is coming back is like hearing the fan belt squeak in your car and attributing it to a giant mouse on the horizon . Mr. John : Oops , I did it again .
#6asdfghjkAnswered at 2013-03-03 14:53:06
So ... What next? Does not mean anything ? Try to look back. 1900: September 8, Galveston , Texas . Approximately 6000-8000 deaths, most due to storm devastation 1979: May 25, Chicago : American Airlines DC - 10 seconds crashed after takeoff , killing all 272 people on board and three on the ground . 1910: March 1, Wellington , Washington : Avalance 2 trains make snow at Stevens Pass in the Cascade Range to be swept off tracks in canyon 150 feet below , killing 96
. 1889: May 31, Johnstown , Pennsylvania : the collapse of the South Fork Dam left more than 2,200 dead . 1930: Many states : longest drought of the 20th century . Peak periods were 1930, 1934 , 1936, 1939 and 1940 . During 1934, the dry regions stretched solidly from New York and Pennsylvania through the great plains of the California coast . A large " dust bowl " covers 50 million acres in the south-central plains during the winter of 1935-1936. 1906: April 18, San Francisco : earthquake accompanied by fire razed more than four square miles , estimates range between 700 and 3,000 dead or missing . 1918: At the national level : the Spanish flu killed more than 500,000 Americans . 1947: April 16 to 18 , Texas City , Texas : a fire and subsequent explosion in the French freighter Grandcamp destroyed most of the city , killing 516 . 1871: October 8, Peshtigo , WI : over 1,500 lives lost and 3.8 million acres burned in wildfires.
#7elangovalanAnswered at 2013-03-18 02:23:59
A storm on Jupiter has something to do with Jesus ? It sounds like you're grabbing the signals here .
#8SholandaAnswered at 2013-03-21 13:35:11
#9MDAnswered at 2013-04-21 15:38:51
I totally agree that we are in the final generation . All this
global warming stuff is ridiculous at best - only a few years ago , the shock was
#10kenyaAnswered at 2013-08-23 12:58:54
Crimbo. Thats all bollocks,sweetheart!
Why don't you go and have a nice little lie down while we look for your tablets?
#11hello 2010Answered at 2013-08-25 11:29:48
What does the planet Jupiter have to do with Jesus?
#12ananymousAnswered at 2013-10-04 09:48:18
You are right I agree with you. Let's just be ready all the time for we do not know the exact time that our Lord will come.
#13LuluAnswered at 2013-10-28 14:39:15
Don't forget the one that says, If they say the son of man is over there- don't go!
#14vikasAnswered at 2013-12-19 23:28:12
There have been signs for 2000 years and there will be signs for 2000 more years. Jesus never existed, much less was resurrected, and obviously will not return. Try to be a more critical thinker.
#15Cracker Chick Answered at 2014-01-11 06:09:50
For thousands of years, followers of Jesus have looked forward to the Second Coming as a time of peace and joy. But before the Savior comes, the people of the earth will experience great trials and calamities. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be prepared for these troubles. He also expects us to be spiritually ready when the Savior comes in his glory. Therefore, he has given us signs, which are events that will tell us when the Savior’s second coming is near. Throughout the ages God has revealed these signs to his prophets. He has said that all faithful followers of Christ will know what the signs are and will be watching for them. If we are obedient and faithful, we will study the scriptures and know of the signs.

What Are the Signs Foretelling Jesus Christ’s Coming?
Some of the signs foretelling the second coming of Jesus Christ have already been or are now being fulfilled. Others will be fulfilled in the future.

Wickedness, War, and Turmoil
Many of the signs are terrifying and dreadful. The prophets have warned that the earth will experience great turmoil, wickedness, war, and suffering. The prophet Daniel said that the time before the Second Coming would be a time of trouble such as the earth has never known (see Daniel 12:1). The Lord said, “The love of men shall wax cold, and iniquity shall abound.” “And all things shall be in commotion; and … fear shall come upon all people.” We can expect earthquakes, disease, famines, great storms, lightnings, and thunder (see Matthew 24:7). Hailstorms will destroy the crops of the earth.

Jesus told his disciples that war would fill the earth: “Ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. … For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:6–7). These wars will continue until a great and final war, the most destructive the world has known. In the midst of this war the Savior will appear.

Many of these signs are being fulfilled. Wickedness is everywhere. Nations are constantly at war. Earthquakes and other calamities are occurring. Many people now suffer from devastating storms, drought, hunger, and diseases. We can be certain that these calamities will become more severe before the Lord comes.

However, not all the events preceding the Second Coming are dreadful. Many of them bring joy to the world.

The Restoration of the Gospel
The Lord said, “Light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my gospel.” Prophets of old foretold the restoration of the gospel. The Apostle John saw that the gospel would be restored by an angel (see Revelation 14:6–7). In fulfillment of this prophecy, the angel Moroni and other heavenly visitors brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith.

The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
The Lord told the Nephites of another sign: the Book of Mormon would come to their descendants (see 3 Nephi 21). In Old Testament times the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel foresaw the coming of the Book of Mormon (see Isaiah 29:4–18; Ezekiel 37:16–20). These prophecies are now being fulfilled. The Book of Mormon has been brought forth and is being taken to all the world.

The Gospel Preached to All the World
Another sign of Jesus’ coming is that the “gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations” (Matthew 24:14). All people will hear the fulness of the gospel in their own language. Ever since the restoration of the Church, missionaries have preached the gospel. The missionary effort has increased until now tens of thousands of missionaries preach in many countries of the world in many languages. Before the Second Coming, the Lord will provide a way to bring the truth to all nations.

The Coming of Elijah
The prophet Malachi predicted that before Christ came the second time, the prophet Elijah would visit the earth. Elijah would restore the sealing powers so families could be sealed together. He would also inspire people to be concerned about their ancestors and descendants (see Malachi 4:5–6). The prophet Elijah came to Joseph Smith in April 1836. Since that time, interest in genealogy and family history has grown rapidly. We are also able to perform sealing ordinances in the temples for the living and the dead.

The Lamanites Will Become a Great People
The Lord said that when his coming was near, the Lamanites would become a righteous and respected people. He said, “Before the great day of the Lord shall come, … the Lamanites shall blossom as the rose.” Great numbers of Lamanites in North and South America and the South Pacific are now receiving the blessings of the gospel.

Building of the New Jerusalem
Near the time of the coming of Jesus, the faithful Saints will build a righteous city, a city of God, called the New Jerusalem. Jesus Christ himself will rule there.

These are only a few of the signs that the Lord has given us. The scriptures describe many more.
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Have you considered that Jesus gave us signs in regards to his return if we just take the time to look up!?

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