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QHow strong would a 50.0 quake be?

That applies not only to the land . Anywhere would do much damage ? Would it be enough energy to destroy the sun ?

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#1monkeyAnswered at 2012-12-29 07:51:39
is estimated that the meteorite crashed into the earth the dino -killing nine miles meteor was 12 on the Richter scale . the planetoid crashed into the early Earth who later created the Moon . 28 estimated in the richter Starquakes of magnetars about
32 on the richter scale I think a 50 on the scale could richtor divide the land but could destroy it.
#2jordieAnswered at 2013-01-17 04:01:09
A strong earthquake that could destroy everything on earth .
#3RamikaAnswered at 2013-04-12 14:46:25
Friend the world is going to end .
#4JarelAnswered at 2013-05-26 02:29:58
First of all, I have to presume you are talking about a 50.0 Richter magnitude scale quake.

Secondly, as far as I understand, Richter scale can only be used in situations where you'd have a quake, not a complete destruction of something. To shake the sun a tiny bit is the same energy it would take to completely tear the earth up as I'm sure you'd know.

Because of this, if something was destroyed by a very large force, it wouldn't read as 50.0 Richter scale, unless that force was applied to a stronger object.

Below I have provided a web page (just a simple Wikipedia page you could have visited), which provides some good information. It doesn't go to 50.0 but it does go to 34, which is rather close.
We (humans) have observed a star quake where 6.3×10^52 Joules of energy (1.5×10^43 tons of TNT, more than a billion-billion times heavier than the earth) was exerted on the star to cause a massive quake.

That star was one 1-2 times the weight of our sun, but has a radius which is 60 000 times smaller (making it 2x10^14 times smaller in volume). That incomprehensible density offers incomprehensibly strong stability, which allows it to shake it's booty off without exploding or such.

Apply the same amount of force to our sun (in the right way) and I'd say it would get annihilated.
#5KodeeAnswered at 2013-08-14 07:38:27
50.0 earthquake would be very powerful. Imagine that the Japan Tsunami which was caused by an earthquake was 10 times more powerful. Japan would most likely end up being part of the coastline of china.

Now a 50.0 earthquake that originates on land rather than under water like the Japan Tsunami, would probably destroy every man made structure within a 750 mile radius and shake earth a few inches out of its previous orbital path.

However a 50.0 earthquake could not destroy the sun. Even a 500.0 earthquake would most likely do nothing to the sun other than alter its place in space. The reason is because an earthquake is simply shifting plates of the planets crust which collide with each other. since the sun is mostly molten magma it therefore has no crust so no earthquakes can occur.

However should the outer layer of the sun suddenly cool enough so that rock layers can form while the core remains molten hot then earthquakes could occur but earthquakes simply cannot Destroy a planet, they only re-arrange the planets material.
#6Chick-Fool-a Answered at 2013-10-19 16:48:36
the Qake numbers are multiples of ten of energy

japan was over 9

10- 12 would be bigger than anything recorded

a number of 50 would be enough to shatter the earth into tiny bits that would recombine under gravity. it would not have any meaning to call it an earthquake
but its energy could be calculated

a quake on earth has nothing to do with the sun. the sun is many millions of times bigger than the earth. the sun has "sun quakes" of its own
#7sueAnswered at 2013-11-26 02:29:48
I don't think it would be powerful enough to destroy the sun, it could possibly move earth after destroying it.
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