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QWhy people enjoy watching murder and backstabbing on TV rather than love helping other people?

for some reason , to see people killing each other during an earthquake is more fun than seeing people who risk their lives to save others during an earthquake

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#1TeenieAnswered at 2012-12-19 17:13:20
such as what ? I 'm picky about what I see . I see vampire sucks . I like medical and legal dramas and I watch rookie blue
#2li yingAnswered at 2012-12-30 21:56:15
Most people kill someone if they could get away with it . Mysterious murders are a way to be educated about how to get away with it . However, as an audience, they also want to be sure that you really can not get away with it - which is why everyone roots for the detective
#3tiffanyy;;Answered at 2013-02-02 04:38:55
It's exciting . Honestly ,
#4myselfAnswered at 2013-03-07 08:55:47
For the same reason people like Bacon and cabbage hatred.
#5kiziAnswered at 2013-03-17 17:00:01
I think it basically boils down to fear. Fear is a great motivator . S. King wrote in his only non-fiction book ( Danse Macabre ) he believes that the reason for their horror stories are so popular is because modern humans have a constant need to remember that we are mortal - and these stories remind us that .
#6RocksonAnswered at 2013-07-13 21:48:45
How the frock do you know what anyone enjoys? You're no mind reader. Get a real cat. Then graduate to a dog when the cat lives more than a year.
#7EcsAnswered at 2013-07-18 01:39:31
People like stepping over to the dark side as they identify themselves with it subconsciously, and love recoiling in horror that the possibility of what they are seeing exists, and are both simultaneously relieved it is not them and enjoy the vicarious pleasure of viewing someone else's pain and misfortune, as they themselves know misfortune and pain so that it gives them an outlet of a sort to become the voyeur instead of the sufferer.

Helping other people and deriving enjoyment from it is coming from a different part of the psyche, and is much more rewarding than the temporary wallow through the muck of depravity.
#8calgalAnswered at 2013-07-23 01:48:33
Safe is boring. Apply that to everything you just said, and you'll get the picture.
#9alma20Answered at 2013-07-24 04:58:44
What? i see a sh*t ton of movies about both sides of the story
#10AnonymousAnswered at 2013-09-24 18:39:26
Because they turned away their hearts from God.
#11noun in namesAnswered at 2013-10-25 21:39:45
Evil likes company.
#12severinaAnswered at 2013-11-19 21:09:11
Television is often an escape from the real world.
#13GENEAnswered at 2013-12-17 08:18:28
evil people love to watch evil things
#14KilaAnswered at 2013-12-18 19:38:45
What's wrong with TV. I love TV. Drama is entertainment especially when people are killed. Shakespeare wrote many plays were people are killed. It is just entertainment. Worry about more important things. If you really want to help send money to the starving kids in Africa or something.
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Why people enjoy watching murder and backstabbing on TV rather than love helping other people?

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