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Q13 Year Old Scared For Judgement Day May 21,2011 Is It Really Gonna Happen?

im really scared , but please but good people

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#1dabfAnswered at 2012-12-19 00:38:32
I think the end of the world as we know it is coming , but I do not think I have a particular date , is more like a series of changes over time as an increase in earthquakes , volcanic eruptions , floods , solar flares , climate change , change of magnetic north , etc. The veil ( s ) actually are thinning and I think our concepts of
#2susueAnswered at 2012-12-22 05:24:44
no the world will not end then.
#3family nounAnswered at 2013-01-25 21:08:53
#4harounAnswered at 2013-01-29 16:27:50
Who said the trial was going to do on May 21 ? The Bible says not to talk about the exact date of when these things happen . No one knows the day or hour , not even the angels in heaven , nor the Son , but only the Father . Be on guard ! Be alert ! I do not know when that time .
#5chinchillaAnswered at 2013-03-28 10:48:44
#6CougAnswered at 2013-04-06 16:52:34
I am an atheist , and go to believe that the world ( in this case the population ) or end up with a disaster meteorite or spread of the disease . If you are thinking of the rapture , the Bible never confirmed a day for that. If you are talking about the Mayan calendar , which is December 21, 2012 .
#7joshkiaAnswered at 2013-04-19 23:08:31
It is said in the Bible that judgment day would be May 21 ? Do not be afraid . God always being judged .
#8muthuAnswered at 2013-05-24 12:59:33
Don't worry, it's December 21st, and it won't happen.
#9Kammy L.Answered at 2013-06-18 13:09:38
That whole 2012 thing is probably a hoax but there probably will be a day when humanity gets wiped out.
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13 Year Old Scared For Judgement Day May 21,2011 Is It Really Gonna Happen?

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