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QFor the poster who asked about biblical contradicitons and errors--is this enough?

On the first day , God created light the light , then separated and darkness .
GE 1:14-19 The sun (which separates night and day) was not created until the fourth day .

GE 1:11-12 , 26-27 Trees were created before man was created .
GE 2:4-9 Man was created before trees were created .

GE 1:20-21 , 26-27 birds were created before man was created .
GE 2:7 , 19 Man was created before birds were created .

GE 1:24-27 Animals were created before man was created .
GE 2:7 , 19 Man was created before animals were created .

GE 1:26-27 Man and woman were created simultaneously.
GE 2:7 , 21-22 Man was created woman first, at some later time .

GE 1:28 God encourages reproduction .
LE 12:1-8 God requires purification rites following childbirth which , in effect , makes childbirth a sin. ( Note : The period for purification following the birth of a daughter is twice that for a son . )

GE 1:31 God was pleased with his creation .
GE 6:5-6 God was not pleased with his creation.
( Note : That God was displeased is inconsistent with the concept of omniscience . )

GE 2:4 , 4:26, 12:8 , 22:14-16 , 26:25 God was already known as

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#1kiandreAnswered at 2012-12-29 20:24:00
You're riding a dead horse . People are much more intelligent and witty that has passed on those and again , and has shown no contradictions in Scripture that would cause anyone to doubt the truth of God . If you used the time to research as much honest and objective about the Scriptures instead of trying our best to find errors that may come face to face with Christ and see their need of repentance which then lead to salvation , and Was one life to love and help others .
#2albertAnswered at 2013-01-19 02:11:01
Wow nice . Most of the contradictions are as clear as day and Christians who say they are "misconceptions " from us is laughable .
#3oppAnswered at 2013-01-20 18:16:09
You are stupid . I guarantee you that's not a contradiction .
#4sheneseAnswered at 2013-01-24 16:06:22
100 of contradictions in the Quran stinky : ...
#5sachuAnswered at 2013-02-07 00:42:30
You're wasting your time . This proves nothing Fanatic .
#7charles millerAnswered at 2013-03-06 17:29:38
There is much more than that my friend.
#8shawntaAnswered at 2013-03-09 18:50:17
Add additional details - which has been truncated !
#9darnellAnswered at 2013-03-10 15:33:18
What is your question ? ? ? GET A FOOTNOTE TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE instead of trifles .
#10ULiAnswered at 2013-04-10 09:59:29
#11Kathy camkatAnswered at 2013-05-29 20:49:14
Wow - there must have been more if it was cut off at the end.

Thus is one of the reason I do not believe in God.
#12bobbi help pleaseAnswered at 2013-06-22 17:29:54
Yeah that are a few of the ones that make you go WHAT?!
#13swanAnswered at 2013-07-04 07:08:53
All power to you. However, religious people will always find a way to defend this in some form or another. Why can't they just admit the bible is faulty. It was written BY MAN, not some god. They would get a lot more credibility if they would simply admit to this. It is not disregarding the fact their is a higher being, just the fact that man is faulty. Which in the bible states that. Also, there is no telling the religious folk that there is no exact translation from hebrew to english. To go on they won't believe you when you say that King James put what he wanted in there and left out what he didn't want. They also refuse to accept the fact that the only reason there is a break away from the catholic church is because Martin Luther got pissed and wanted to start a religion that HE believed. I could go on for days until I was blue in the face. They will just tell me I don't know what I am talking about.
#14LaNissaAnswered at 2013-07-11 22:19:21
I find these feeble attempts to claim contradictions laughable....

At the age of 12 I could understand that the second mention of something is a recap/reiteration of the previous to expand upon.

Also, a person must understand the "time period" of what is being spoken of and not apply present day interpretation of common place things..( cars and airplanes where not a thought even)

so taking things out of context and claiming is just so much of hot air...
#15ZeviAnswered at 2013-07-23 07:28:21
If you just look at these they arn't contradictions.

1)The sun doesn"t seperate light and dark the earth's orbit does. Light can come from other objects like other stars, and even God himself. (Revelation 12)

2-5,19, 25) is the circular direction of ancient middle eastern thinking rather than linear western thinking

6, 7, 10) First passage pre-sin, second post sin. Sin changes everything.

8) It was Moses after the exodus that wrote genesis.

9)There are two death's in the bible spiritul and physical.

11) God loves the sinner, yet hates the sin.

12) God's asking the question doesn't imply He didn't know the answer.

13)Love and justice are not mutually exclusive

14)"presence" can meas many things.

15) The Numbers passage does not call them Nephilim. There are giants, perhaps nephilim genetics in the line of Noah.

16) God's mind can mean his ultimate plan or individual plan. God's ultimate plan stays unchanged while an individual plan changes frequently.

17)Read the passage and look at what kinds of animals were taken.

18)Righteosness is from God the Romans and John passage is inferred of one self.

20) God can do it and we can't... wow big surprise I'll keep that in mind when next I try to create a universe.

21)Different uses of the word confusion. It was a totally different origional language.

22)Yep, father can also mean grandfather or even great grandfather biblically.

23) Ancient calenders reconed dates usually form the begining of different kings. Different areas with different rulers have totally different dates.

24) "No one can see God's face and live" All of the other passages does not menton what part of god was seen with the exception of moses seeing God's back.

this was fun, like shooting fish n a barrel... what else ya Got?
#16bandit5571Answered at 2013-09-29 14:19:40
Pick your 4 best. I will try to answer

Most of the above is picking at the sense of words. Of course if you dont want to be reasonable - dont bother

(James 3:17) But the wisdom from above is first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical.

(1 Timothy 3:2-3) The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible, a husband of one wife, moderate in habits, sound in mind, orderly, hospitable, qualified to teach, 3 not a drunken brawler, not a smiter, but reasonable, not belligerent, not a lover of money,

(Philippians 4:5) Let YOUR reasonableness become known to all men. The Lord is near.

(Titus 3:1-2) Continue reminding them to be in subjection and be obedient to governments and authorities as rulers, to be ready for every good work, 2 to speak injuriously of no one, not to be belligerent, to be reasonable, exhibiting all mildness toward all men.

(1 Peter 2:18) Let house servants be in subjection to [their] owners with all [due] fear, not only to the good and reasonable, but also to those hard to please.
#17Shaggy Answered at 2013-10-29 08:09:37
Your incorrect interpretations do not add up to truth. The author of confusion is Satan. Your infantile attempts to confuse the truth are pathetic... and sad.
#18Walk road of lifeAnswered at 2013-12-16 03:29:55
Copy and paste from atheist websites prove nothing, out of context is their specialty.
#19mNoellbAnswered at 2013-12-19 21:18:47
And all out of one book. Wonder about the other 65?
#20JusAnswered at 2013-12-28 15:59:23
You have grossly misinterpreted the text. Did you pull that off some site or did you actually read the Bible and pull it out yourself?
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For the poster who asked about biblical contradicitons and errors--is this enough?

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