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Bring it on again all or nothing? related questions

  • 1Bring it on again all or nothing?

    Does anyone know the part where you go into the cafeteria and placed on the table and I like this song and three gurls ? can u tell me wat say = ) thanks

  • 2Why do full moons bring on earth quakes?

    gravity remains the same

  • 3What did the material science and research bring to the people?

    I say we have: diseases caused by pollution large caused by a continuous increase of greed and corruption - stress which is the core of any illness and disease ( what does not kill of pollution will kill stress ... ) - stupid atheist beliefs death , etc. Most people who came to science , materials testing and research neglected the most important thing . Although we did ( say important discoveries ), man will never understand the reality of using such tools. ( has spiritual substance , with nothing material can still influence whatever) Atheists claim to be followers of which is based on science and research ( followers of death ... as the road takes you there ) ... however, said to be the most accurate when it comes to reality. The truth is somewhere you can not investigate reality feel and not what you can see or understand ... The reality is that you are inside and scientific brains , unfortunately inconsistent to make connections with what you have ... But hope remains, as long as you are still alive . Oh .. this is not specifically asked for atheists , but for those who put spiritual material ...

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  • 5If you were in an earth quake would you want someone to bring you water or a bible?

    If you were in an earthquake you would like someone to bring you water or a Bible ?

  • 6What are some safety tips i should have in case on a tsunami? and what should i bring with me?

    I'm doing a project at school and need some information that I listed in my project . Need some tips on staying safe in a landslide , hurricane , and tsunami and the things you should stay safe if it happens and this would be very good information if it was all in one.

  • 7Is depression really a syndrome if certain stimuli comes up in your life to bring about the pain?

    For example : Depression is not a disease or a syndrome if someone hurts you . And do not tell me it's the chemicals in the brain , because they inspire the pain of abuse and tumble of life to come your way .