Earth Questions

Atheists and Christians, What is the #1 argument you are tired of hearing? related questions

  • 1Atheists and Christians, What is the #1 argument you are tired of hearing?

    Give First USDA Agricultural Research Argument . Then give her discredit .

  • 2How come my fellow Christians never used this argument to prove God? Atheists, how do like them apples?

  • 3Atheists, Christians and others?

    3 earthquakes since last year ? What's going on ? Earth could survive after 2012 , right?

  • 4Christians/Atheists: what do have to say about this?

    Here is a handy list of 44 prophecies that warns of recent times : Increased capacity to wage war through technology Widespread bloodshed between nations and within many A move to the conformity of religion worldwide Gross deviation from the teachings of the Bible The emergence of a leading global religious The influence of Eastern religions , the occult , astrology Expectation of peace , without peace A Jewish state in Palestine feasible A treaty of peace in the Middle East Continuing apparent hatred of Jews by Arabs Building a place for sacrifice in Jerusalem The restoration of the sacrificial cult in Jerusalem Military invasion of Israel by international forces Famines time due to spills , wars , population pressure A large-scale artificial contamination and potentially fatal The economic recession and the deaths from the disease mega Destructive natural convulsions : earthquakes , floods , fires / li

  • 5Do Christians fantasize about atheists squirming and cowering when Judgement Day comes true?

    The tone of some of your questions and answers seems to suggest . The Lord is a jealous God , full of anger and revenge . He takes revenge on all who oppose him and furiously destroys his enemies ! The Lord is slow to anger , but his power is great , and never lets the guilty go unpunished . He shows his power in the whirlwind and the storm . Puffy clouds are the dust of his feet . Under his command the oceans and rivers dry up , the lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade , and the green forests of Lebanon wither . In his presence the mountains quake and the hills melt, and the earth trembles , and its people are destroyed . Who can stand before his indignation ? Who can survive his burning anger ? His fury glows like fire , and the mountains crumble into dust in his presence . The Lord is good . When trouble comes, is a strong refuge . And he knows everyone who trusts him. But devastates its enemies in an overwhelming flood . He pursues his enemies in the dark of night . ( Nahum 1:2-8 NIV )

  • 6Why do Judeo Christians desire Atheists to worship the image of a dragon?

    Only a detailed physical description of the creator god in the Bible . This coincides with the physical description

  • 7Took Argument to far? I know i did...?

    Well , me and my aunt and my brother were arguing and she was threatening to take me to school if I go to church . Well , if that was not enough they were making fun of my belief in evolution . I will not say how, but they were. So I took a Bible and rubbed it on my

  • 8Is anyone else getting tired of people mocking creationists?

    He's getting old . Even people mock creationists bio section ... And I think there's even creationists there ( I have not seen any [ although some probably hang out there , but they are usually there to defend his position ] ) . Then , in the street , you find people who mock creationism . Even in the damn street ! Do not people ever get tired of the same? ! Rarely even meet a creationist who is actually involved in the

  • 9Are you sick and tired enough of living in Tornado alley?

    One more summer, and I leave this place !

  • 10Why have we been hearing about so many earthquakes lately?

    Is it because we are having more earthquakes than usual or is the media some good story for all of them show is an earthquake ?

  • 11Another earth quake a day before and a day after my cort hearing is this and act of God ?

    Another tremor of the earth one day before and one day after my hearing and cort is this act of God ?

  • 12What does it mean yesterday after an afternoon nap I thought I was hearing the sound of rock grinding?

    A small earthquake was reported today . The day before the earthquake in Japan, seemed to hear the sound of moving water or pressure change . This may sound like throwing gas flowing pipe. Is it my imagination just creating a sound that can possible happen to Earth grows caused by global warming and cooling cycles . It's actually a cheap way to see how different sound earth quakes . What if Africa moved a foot or two. Is it possible to see a large peaces continent in an ocean side . With all the economic turmoil of the world understand that they need money to everyone. Only borrow money in an economic system is not a good time to put the unemployed to work , to the extent of their mental capacities or improve their skills . Everyone has a different mental wealth . Everyone needs different amounts to create economic security and future goals .