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QWere problems with Collins submarine software induced by standards ?

Were problems with Collins submarine software induced by standards ?

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#1Jalisa jAnswered at 2012-12-19 21:53:30
The Collins class is a class of six Australian built diesel-electric submarines operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The Collins class takes its name from Australian Vice Admiral John Augustine Collins, all submarines are named after significant RAN six staff who have distinguished themselves in action during World War II. The ships are the largest conventionally powered submarines in the world, and were the first submarines to be built in Australia, prompting widespread improvements in Australian industry. Operational ------------ historyHMAS Waller allegedly operated in support of the International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) in 1999. Although not assigned to INTERFET, the submarine acted as a brake on Indonesia submarines and divers may have landed secretly dispatch before the arrival of INTERFET fleet. The Abraham Lincoln battle group during RIMPAC 2000. Waller operated with this force in late May 2000, becoming the first submarine in Australia to be integrated into a carrier battle group.During several multinational exercises and war games, the Collins class has proven successful in the hunter role -murderer by successfully attacking both surface warships and other submarines. In late May 2000, Waller became the first Australian submarine to operate as a fully integrated component of a carrier battle group during wargames USN. Paper Waller was to find and hire opposition hunting submarines USS Abraham Lincoln, a role which performed better than expected. A few days later, as part of the multinational exercise RIMPAC 2000, Waller was assigned to act as a submarine "enemy", and was reported to have successfully engaged two USN nuclear submarines before almost coming to attack Abraham range Lincoln.Waller performed Similarly during Operation Tandem Thrust wargames in 2001, when she sank 'two USN amphibious assault ships in waters just over 70 meters (230 feet) deep, although the submarine was "destroyed "herself after exercise. Waller Second feat was repeated by Sheean during RIMPAC 02, when the ship was able to penetrate the surface air and anti-submarine screens of a working group of eight amphibious ship, then successfully carry out simulated attacks on both the amphibious assault ship USS Tarawa and the dock landing ship USS Rushmore. Later that same year, for two weeks of combat trials in August, Sheean shown that the class was comparable in submarine warfare role to the Los Angeles class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Olympia. The two submarines traded roles during the year and had the same success in the attack role, despite Olympia's bigger, more powerful, and more advanced armed with torpedoes. In 2003, a Collins class ship conducted successful attacks on two USN nuclear submarines and an aircraft carrier during a multinational exercise. The repeated successes of the class in wargames and multinational exercises earned the Collins class praise of foreign military officers to be
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Were problems with Collins submarine software induced by standards ?

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