Earth Questions

Do you think we will die in 2012? related questions

  • 1Do u believe in 2012....?

    i no, but now I think it will happen cuz of all earthquakes that have occurred in California Wat do u think ?

  • 2Does anyone see a tie in 2012 and ww3?

    end of the Mayan calendar ... nuclear devastation ... build nuclear weapons right now and Muslim rivalry christian

  • 3What in 2012?

    what is supposed to be the end of the world in 2012 , along with Nibiru ?

  • 4Are we really going to die in 2012?

    I'm not only talking bout the Mayan calendar but here are many other factors that makes it hard not to believe that 2012 is the end . For example .... solar storms ? The eruption of the volcano yellow stone , and the earth 's magnetic poles shifting so you will not have any protection against UV rays from the sun and burned to death when you go outdoors I know there are still many more , but these are few. So are proof doomsday in 2012 ?

  • 5Are we going to die in 2012?

    I'v e been reading about it and the land is supposed to burn or freeze or fly or earthquakes destroy it. I just want to know if we will die . I have only 13, so do not make it complicated.

  • 6Do you think we will die in 2012?

    If you do not, God bless you . If you do, then tell me how

  • 7Do you believe in 2012 yet?

    earthquake in Haiti . giant wave . earthquake in Chile earthquake in Taiwan , particularly since January. the world really is coming to an end ?

  • 8Y2K and 2012?????????????

    I was about 7 when Y2K came around and I just want to know if this many people are scared for Y2K as they are now . and also tell me their views on both

  • 92012, WTF IS GOING ON?

    I know I'm not the only one who has seen / heard all this crazy **** strange is happening : - birds falling from the sky - No dolphins and whales in the ocean be - No wait tornadoes

  • 10What do you think about 2012!?

    What is your opinion?

  • 11What you think about 2012?

    What do you think about 2012?

  • 122012...once again :P?

    Now , I know what your thinking , is one of the frightened person looking for others to say