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QHow come i dnt get no sexual pleasure out of intercourse with my hubby?

I dnt Why not get sexual pleasure out of sex with my husband ?

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#1DippyAnswered at 2013-02-13 19:36:12
Well , if you're saying that you can not achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration that this is completely normal. In fact 75% of women can not achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone and need clitoral stimulation to reach a satisfying orgasm . The clitoris is actually you button . With over 8,000 nerve endings is home to a lot of pleasure . Learn how to properly can stimulate those breaking the bed , trembling of the body , earth shaking orgasms almost every woman dreams . However, if you really want to feel pleasure through vaginal intercourse can always try the G-spot stimulation . Located on the front wall of the vagina is often neglected and large penises often skim right step instead of hitting him. You can test the G -spot stimulation in many ways. Trying different positions , such as doggy and spooning the truck can help. You can also try to invest in a wide range of sex toys. Try using a dildo that curves upward, as it is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot . Or her husband could use his fingers . Laying on ur back with a pillow under her butt to prop puts the correct angle , then you insert a finger or two , and they curve upwards until you can feel a great thing ridges , squidgy . Then take him to stroke , touch or press the G -Spot . Pressing down on her mons ( the fat pad of skin on the top of the vulva ) can help you get better access . You can not achieve orgasm through G -spot stimulation , but if done right , can be very enjoyable . If you need to know anything you can always email me xo
#2icegreenAnswered at 2013-05-07 01:49:19
Hi B Reviews Wow, this is a necklace that you are and I bet your concern. This sounds like you're not in love with him anymore or fell of lust. Try to think of ways to add a little spice back into your bedroom activities . You can add toys or bondage or anything you can think of sex.
#3AnonymousAnswered at 2022-08-28 18:05:01 

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How come i dnt get no sexual pleasure out of intercourse with my hubby?

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