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QWhat are four global problems with the Earth today?

Two examples of each in detail.

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#1AmerieAnswered at 2012-12-14 04:45:02
THREATS MEGA these are some of the threats that endanger the Mega planet including salinization, and some solutions
overpopulation, erosian (loss of land), more pumping carbon aquifers (deep wells) Desertification (landloss), Risi ... seas (soil loss) of carbon emissions, deforrestation.excess mass extinction and global warming.
DEFORRESTATION if it continues, is that we could end up looking like Mars.Without an atmosphere, no water, no air, with life outside forests do most of the water that you drink or use for plant growth (freshwater) some condenses into the sea, but only reaches Coastel aerial. most comes from forests and rivers come from precipitation that comes from trees, and trees with precipitation, feed the rivers when it rains and keep them running throughout the year. If we kill all the trees, kill the rivers. We killed the rain. they kill us. Trees also absorb the heat of the day and heat up the place at night, so keep the temperature confertable to live in the desert of the nights are freezing cold and the days that burn CARBON MONOXIDE Trees absorb carbon initial transmission, which is a poison for us and produce oxygen we need to breathe. so in short trees produce the air they need to breathe. also produce wood that is useful and a great variety of foods such as fruits deforestation must be stopped before desertification is out of control and consume the planet. DESERTIFICATION The Sahara is growing by 7 kilometers every day. two major deserts in northern China are growing together making one giant dessert and, causing dust storms for thousands refugeese
trees evaporate a mist, which protects us from the harsh rays of the sun. the planet is drying up at an alarming rate. in the days of the dinasaurs this planet was under a blanket aquiferus, a fog that covered the whole earth, and no desserts. Count how many there today, and all of them are the result of man's actions. the sahara used to be forrests Arabia, Iraq, Iran used to be fertile ground in biblical times Ghengas Kahn burned all the forests here and fill the pot with water and so turning vast lands into dessert. Poor agricultural practices, is becoming teritories great desserts, due to overgrazing and exessive pumping carbon aquifers, shallow aquifers has already been exhausted. And the use of fertilizers and heavy machinery that compacts the soil posed by salt in the soil. Modern agriculture today is doing what ghengas kahn but in much larger territories. And because agricultural lands are lost, farmers are forced to cultivate highly erodible land, to keep up with the growing demand for additional 70 million people each year and this is increasing world population has doubled in the last 50 years the increase in fasting since the first homo Sapian. EROSION soil erosion is almost always as a result of human intervention.
trees are felled and the trees there to provide a hedge against the sun's rays, now dry soil and wind can easily blow the dust formed, this is the wind erosian ------ because trees are no longer there, whose roots bound the soil together, and because their foilidge canapies of rain no longer exists now has easy access from the unprotected surface, now dry, and rainwater washes the upper floors, ------ this is water erosian farmers plowing large plots of land to grow corn or wheat or whatever and as happened in the 20s in the U.S., live plowed lines.when winds blew alonfg came straight lines picking up speed and removed millions of tons of the top soil (wind erosian) turning vast private dessert teritories arable land Today farmers plowing in circles and curves to keep this building wind speed, but still large sections of land are exposed to the sun, which kills micro biotic life which builds topsoil and rich black and a lot of water is evaporated by the sun.,
A much better way is a very old concept now called just applied -. No cultivation to after the initial conformation of the ground the tractor is no longer used. or other head of plow is used which does not break and remove the earth again, but it makes a deep cut in which new plants are planted or sown.
seeds or just stuck on a continuous surface, which is covered by humus
------- mulch is a layer of organic material that prevents the soil from drying and blocking the sun maintain moisture
because the soil is soft and wet now the devellop earthworms and dung no better on this earth than earthworms, soil airate also with suction bodely movements in the air.
mulch is also a cover that protects the soil from the impact of heavy rains bringing salt to the surface that makes the poorest soil. mulch also is the food and the conditions for a variety of micro biotic life which produces topsoil MUD SLIDES in Mexico, in the mountains, increasing indigenous populations are cutting down trees to plant corn, this land is productive for a few years before it is poor and useless for agriculture. the roots of the trees that have been felled putrefaction and tunnels are created with your diaaperance, with heavy rains these tunnels are filled with water and soil lifts and moves down halls. are caused landslides and much of the mountains are exposed to the rock. land destroys mud beneath the exposed areas and leave never recover the vegetation zone out whenever
to recover eroded soil lenthy is a process that involves planting, shrubs, grasses and trees in difficult conditions to keep the soil and create new moves bariers to stop at the surface and trap any organic matter that ends there.We can help the adding mulch (chopped organic material leafy plants and plants to be cut for this purpose.
There are several plants that are exelent for this pupose, as a bean named nescafee he's a monster in normal circumstanses, covering a huge aera, grows very quickly make a pile of leaves, when fully grown dies leaving a thick layer of organic decomposition material behind. WATERSHORTAGE, overpopulation Each year 70 million people are consuming more water but this is, but it uses a small part of what agriculture. so our water consumption is increasing and the water supply is decreasing due to pollution and drinking water production is less all the time because of deforestation.
#2angeleeAnswered at 2013-02-09 08:11:22
complaining is global problem # 1
#3dbAnswered at 2013-03-10 03:51:19
The invasion of native species none .
#4YassahAnswered at 2013-04-05 21:10:28
#5Linda!Answered at 2013-05-21 08:48:04
Since you're asking in the environment section, I guess you want environmental problems. Here are some 'good' global ones:

Climate change
Ozone depletion
The general health of the oceans and depletion of fisheries
Biodiversity and extinction
Lack of clean water

Only the first two are truly global, in that they're one single problem that affects everyone. The others are more local problems that are happening everywhere, but in the globalized world that we live in, these problems do have global links. (e.g. extinction of a elephants looks to be a local problem in Africa, but is driven by international trade in ivory).

The difference is that a global problem has to be fixed through global action, but a local problem can be fixed by just the people in that area acting.
#6Help immediately!!!!!Answered at 2013-06-09 05:08:47
Pollution, Arms race, The philosophy of might is right and The |Natural Distructions like sonami, earth quake wtc.
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