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Will this solution to the gas crisis work? related questions

  • 1Will this solution to the gas crisis work?

    But research for more efficient engines , such strength reduction for vehicles to travel farther ? The idea that occurred to me is a magnetic train in an empty tunnel . That way there is zero resistance and the train will only fuel used for its speed , but once the train is moving , and not use fuel inertia (things tend to do what they are doing ) and resistance zero . The electromagnets are used to slow and stop the train as it approaches its destination . Advantages : - . Can travel anywhere in the world with fuel only once to begin - . Faster than the air resistance due to non - . It uses much less fuel because it relies on inertia to continue moving So this idea work well ?

  • 2Horrible sound when pooking pls gve a solution?

    His started before 5 days and the first day the neighbors think is a earthquake. curse me now pls help anyone!

  • 3If there was a crisis example earth quake, which people would you help first?

    a) people who look like you ? example same skin color , age , b ) people who know best ? Chruch example, work , friends, social , etc . c ) persons who are the most vocal ? Everyone is in the same situation , same distance , injury status , doctor.

  • 4Former IPCC head John Houghton says current environmental crisis is a spiritual problem - agree?

    Sir John Houghton , in an article written by his evangelical charity , the John Ray Initiative , argues that

  • 5How do the tides work?

    Could someone please explain how the effect of the sun and moon tides of the seas , and the tide coming in or out

  • 6How earthquakes work?

    How do earthquakes ?

  • 7Does anyone work in a rainforest?

    I am very interested in working in a rain forest or a forest ecologist . Tell me about your work and what you studied in college .

  • 8What state in the US would most likely work for us?

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a new place to live . He enjoys warm summers and cold winters love . But I also like a place that is highly threatened by tornadoes or hurricanes . ( I 'm kind of a coward when it comes to these things . ) Earthquakes are no problems what so ever. The latter is not California . I hate this state . ( I've lived here all my life and I want out )

  • 9What work travel agents do?

    south america tours

  • 10What work family law attorneys do?

    Family Law Attorney Orange County Ca

  • 11What happend when work is done by earth?

    What happened when the work is done by land ?

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