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QWill this solution to the gas crisis work?

But research for more efficient engines , such strength reduction for vehicles to travel farther ?

The idea that occurred to me is a magnetic train in an empty tunnel . That way there is zero resistance and the train will only fuel used for its speed , but once the train is moving , and not use fuel inertia (things tend to do what they are doing ) and resistance zero . The electromagnets are used to slow and stop the train as it approaches its destination .

Advantages :

- . Can travel anywhere in the world with fuel only once to begin

- . Faster than the air resistance due to non

- . It uses much less fuel because it relies on inertia to continue moving

So this idea work well ?

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#1BlakAnswered at 2012-12-17 06:44:47
nature abhors a vacuum , it takes great amount of energy to achieve and maintain a vacuum .
#2V\'AndrewAnswered at 2012-12-19 11:56:05
gravity is not the problem . creating and maintaining a vacuum in the tunnel is.
while the magnets can be used to make things
#3Mailo HerAnswered at 2013-01-03 12:29:11
good idea, but the idea will not work as you think . yes a maglev train can travel at high speeds , but to get a void in a tunnel requires some serious energy . There is the idea of ​​building an underwater tunnel from New York to London. the tunnel
#4ronanAnswered at 2013-01-30 17:34:31
It has been proposed before (back in the 1910s by Robert Goddard ) and would probably work fine (although it would require the trains have spaceships as life support systems ) . Also use electricity so any clean source of electricity could be used to power and have it be carbon - neutral (though all electric trains have that advantage ) . The only problem is that digging long tunnels evacuees will be very expensive ( oh and the technology has not been proven exactly true , but it is something that is very short term and really just a new combination of what we already have ).
#5DenimAnswered at 2013-03-31 16:54:04
#6Alexia to WriteacherAnswered at 2013-09-19 23:18:11
I assume you mean maglev trains or the whole thing is busted already.

How does the train get from a station, where people have to survive, into this proposed vacuum? You can't without losing the vacuum, then you have to remove all of the air gain, impossible to do with all of the trains entering and leaving the system.

Lets say you devise a way to keep the entire system in a vacuum (an impossible engineering feat on it's own), and create a gangway type system that goes from an external terminal and docks to the doors of the train to load/unload people with a perfect seal. Now what happens when maintenance is needed in the tunnel, or a train breaks down? Send men in wearing space suits to fix the problem?

What a nightmare.
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Will this solution to the gas crisis work?

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