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Why do Christians always claim Jesus fulfilled the prophecies? related questions

  • 1Why do Christians always claim Jesus fulfilled the prophecies?

    READ THE ARGUMENT any comment or go elsewhere . He did no such thing ! It was a great warrior . He took no army . Not reconcile all nations , and unite all nations under God . The prophecies never said anything about him having a second coming to do all those things . They were supposed to happen during the life of the Messiah . Why are you so sure? How can you trust your instincts about the Word of God in the Old Testament ? How can you be so sure that Matthew , Luke, John and Paul were those who said they were , and saw what they say they saw? These are just some of the prophecies that he did not comply . I realize there are some who did comply , but since when is

  • 2Which prophecies have been fulfilled?

    I'm an atheist by design , not by choice. I can not do anything but reject bullsh * t . If there are some prophecies that have been fulfilled , I will accept . True - no compliance interpretation .

  • 3Christians: Prove to me Jesus is the Messiah!?

    How do you manage to keep the faith , knowing that the Messiah is supposed to be a human being like us, not a divine being . Did you read the Torah ? It clearly says that the Messiah will not be divine. So what do Christians believe that Jesus the Messiah ? Please tell me

  • 4For Christians that KNOW that Jesus is revealed as the Almighty in the book of Revelations...?

    Can you show me some cross-references to prove our belief ? Here is some of what I have: Rev 21:5-6 And he that sat upon the throne said , Behold , I make all things new . And I said, 'Write , for these words are trustworthy and true . And he said unto me , It is done . I am the Alpha and the Omega , the beginning and the end. I'll give him that thirsts of the fountain of the water of life freely . Crusade : Heb 1:8,10-12 , Revelation 3:14, 22:13 , Ezekiel 39:7-8 , John 4:14 , 7:37-39 , Revelation 22:1 , Isaiah 12:2-3 Rev 22:12 And behold , I come quickly , and my reward is with me , to give every man according as his work . Crossed with Isaiah 62:11 , Isaiah 12:2-3 , ever mentioned salvation is YESHUAH . I know there are a lot more ... I just do not have time to watch them all ... Thanks in advance !


    Matthew 10:34

  • 6The Wonga claim can be useful for me?

    The Wonga claim can be useful for me?  

  • 7An insurer provides earth quake insurance to a manufacturer. Given that a claim is filed, let X represent the

    An earth quake insurance provides insurance to a manufacturer . Given that a claim is filed , Let x be the total amount of the claim and Y represent the part of the claim arising out of damage to manufacturers build. The joint density of X and Y is given by : f ( x , y) = [ 1/10x for x 1

  • 8If Muslims believe Jesus Christ is a great prophet do they also believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus?

    Many people who responded to my previous question I asked to provide additional information , so I'll say again the question with a link at the bottom of reference. * When Jesus died on the cross , it is said that the earth opened up and all the dead who died while he was alive, risen from the dead and walked among the living for three days in the sight of all who were taking to the sky . So why has followers 2000 years later. The Bible also calls the second coming of Jesus accompanied by the second resurrection . Is it a common belief and if not why not ? *

  • 9Why does it seem like God is showing us more of what Jesus said about the events of the last days when Jesus?

    Why does it seem that God is showing us more of what Jesus said about the events of the last days when Jesus ? The disciples asked about the signs of the end times . I was watching the news earlier and I could not believe my ears another earthquake felt here in Indiana I think Chicago had a magnitude of 3.8 strange weather wars floods Tornadoes in December and people go to war Personally , I'm angry with Adam

  • 10Prophecies????????????????????…

    please please i need help on prophecies . I'm doing a report prophecy for my college English class .. My work has 5 pages minimum The problem is I can not find any good websites . not all about prophecies and in the world today , but that's what I'm looking for . I need good reliable websites about prophecies in general. I need websites about history and origins about prophecy and prophets about celebrities and have to be reliable and not good as wikipeidia . and anything good about prophecy in general please please help easy ten points for giving me the best websites , and most websites.

  • 11Do you believe in the Mayan prophecies?

    Do you believe in the Mayan prophecies ?

  • 12Interested in prophecies about December 21, 2012...?

    I've been doing some research on the prophecies about the December 21, 2012 and the antichrist . I'm trying to stay positive , but all the sites I've found are all Catholics saying that the Antichrist is a Jew , or some say that Obama is the antichrsit , hateful things . I'd like to find some information that is presented from a non -religious view, or at least one that was not written by any clergy . This thing is scaring me ! I know that the winter solstice 2012 will be a sleepless night for me !