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QIs depression really a syndrome if certain stimuli comes up in your life to bring about the pain?

For example : Depression is not a disease or a syndrome if someone hurts you . And do not tell me it's the chemicals in the brain , because they inspire the pain of abuse and tumble of life to come your way .

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#1RooseveltAnswered at 2012-12-16 11:15:53
Tell that to the victim happy, cheerful child rape , abuse and neglect , or the millionaire miserable, depressed with the beautiful wife and family living in bliss . It can take any person , in any state.
#2ValerieAnswered at 2012-12-21 13:03:58
I think there are two things that many people confuse ( literally , ' merge ' ) . There is a physiological thing in depression - that is, the biology of the person is in poor condition . that is when you should be treated with medication . I believe ( and have considered asking here ) that when there is a reason for a person to mourn or be sad , a reason inthe world, not in his own brain , it's a mistake to give them medicine . In the given case , the person has to get away from who they are hurting . And then get help in healing.
#3AnonymousAnswered at 2013-08-10 18:49:43
no it's not, there was a woman in Colombia who DIED from drepression, because her boyfriend left her for another....she started loosing weight rapidly and she was going bold....until she had brain damage she just laid dead...
#4exclamationAnswered at 2013-09-06 16:08:52
Yes I do somewhat agree to that--kind of like situational depression.

If you are in a hopeless situation, or at least if feels hopeless, and are always in a depressed mood, the body becomes used to balancing those chemicals in the body. You become addicted to it--the thinking pattern, feelings of hopelessness, negativity, fear of getting hopes up because the let down is so painful.

Ask any alcoholic on this one!

BUT then you have a rich person, money, nice clothes, new boobs, etc, etc. and they are not happy also! Now, you have to start wondering if maybe depression is chemical.

Talk to anyone with PMS!

Full Moon---my kids gets really moody, and the body is something like 75% percent water. It fhe moon effects the ocean tide, why not the body!

I think it is a combination of both! Some people have more of a tendency to it than others.

But, at the same time, yes to your comment because obviously if my child were to die, I am going to be dammed depressed!
#5mehdi Answered at 2013-12-11 03:28:14
A broken arm is a legitimate medical condition regardless of whether you got it as a result of poor nutrition or because somebody assaulted you or because of an accidental fall.

In the same way, depression describes a person's behavior regardless of what caused it. Individuals respond to circumstances in their unique way based on the details of their past experience, current situation, and biological resources.

Certain experiences understandably lead to depression in nearly everyone regardless of their past, present, and biological settings, yet some people are more vulnerable to depression or a more troubling depression as a result of a "chemical imbalance". This doesn't negate or minimize the impact of the trauma that led to the depression in the first place. The important thing in acting to relieve an individual's suffering is to determine the weight that each factor contributes to it and develop the most effective plan of care as a result of that understanding.

Your pain is yours alone and nobody else's and should be addressed according to who you are and nobody else.
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Is depression really a syndrome if certain stimuli comes up in your life to bring about the pain?

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