Earth Questions

Whats going on with the Mullaperiyar Dam? related questions

  • 1Whats going on with the Mullaperiyar Dam?

    Will it break ? : (

  • 2Im very confused about whats going to happen December 21, 2012. can somebody tell me whats going to happen?

    Do not say anything , because I know that will happen many

  • 3Whats your definition of duh?

    mine is 9000 people in prison in Chile has to get out of jail because the earth trembles dilapidated prisons and someone said , but some of the prisoners are dangerous .. that's my definition ..... duh not really .. their chile Chile ..............

  • 4Whats with all the death?

    I'm not a paranoid fanatic , but as what the hell is with these tornadoes ? 2012 is scaring the **** outa me , the fall of man birds , dead fish , huge earthquake , as 180 tornadoes in one day ... then there are things like adding creepy 9/11/01 and 3/10 /12 is equal to 12/21/12 . the day nostradomis predicted the end of the world ... I think they just want to hear some opinions

  • 5Whats the name of this book?

    I do not remember the name ( but I love this book - my teacher used to read me - ) , but I know that basically it is this: a family go on vacation to a ( Island? ) mom and dad go to a buisness meeting all day in a boat at sea. While mom and dad are going , an older brother in charge of his only sister. Theres an earthquake , The earthquake caused a fire hotel. The earthquake causes a tsunami scare . children climbing a big hill where there are an older couple ( who have a poodle ) say that every time there is a tsunami scare a walk by and see from above the top until it is safe . large tsunami . Brother and sister are separated , perhaps - A second wave hits . the elderly couple are swept past the poodle. The brothers meet , if they really separates - trying to find the parents , but to find the older man and he tells them that his wife dies and can keep the dog . and I forgot the rest ... PLLLEEEAASSSEEE CAN help me? ? ?

  • 6Whats with all these earthquakes? Perhaps the end?

    With all these huge earthquakes recently and it just happened in California / Mexico , what is it really? Could it be a coincidence and bad luck ? or could this be the end , AKA 2012? I know a lot about 2012 and alignments that could cause all these things .. this could lead to it or just pure coincidence? Please do not preach religious superstitions ..

  • 7Whats up with all the earthquakes?

    Everyones like ahhh earthquake , but we have no idea why .

  • 8Whats it like in MataMata (nz?)?

    I've heard pretty much get earthquakes .. I'm a little worried about this cuz we are moving there to Matamata .. Whats like if you've been there ?

  • 9Whats an aftershock? and how is it formed?

    What is a replica ? and how is it formed?

  • 10Whats this that the world will end in 2012?

    Some say the calendar ends chinease and blah , blah , blah , that's when the world will end

  • 11Should we being asking, whats happening to our planet?

    With all the activity on the planet we call home is going a little concerned with all the activity of micro - size worldwide .. Is it normal to have both of these things happen in China quake as magnitude -8 .. with 18 strokes after and 800 people evacuated in Iceland and scientists said ,'' there were a lot of earthquakes in the area. '' plus some I can not remember , but said an underground earthquake near the surface of a lake caused a tsunami lake

  • 12Whats up with all the earthquakes recently?

    China , Greece , nevada ? much activity lately, anyone know why ?